b-dayshirtsLet your daughter celebrate her birthday in style with these adorable 100% cotton short sleeved tie dyed birthday tees from the hip manufacturer Out of Control available exclusively at Trendy Togs. These tees are fantastic!
My daughter absolutely loves her #4! She has already started wearing it, a mere 3 months before her birthday. I would like one for myself minus the age of course!
The neck and hemlines on these awesome tees are waffle weave and frayed for a stylish look. Each tee is slightly different since they are individually dyed and are available in numbers one through eight. You can choose the color combo of either fuchsia, light pink and denim blue with a blue batik star or choose the hot pink, light pink and orange mix with a pink batik star. Either way, your daughter will LOVE wearing hers with some sass and style!
Use coupon code “number” at checkout to receive 20% off of these number birthday tees until May 11, 2007.

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