emealsbreakfast I think we can all agree that meal-planning is the way to go when you have a family.  Not that I do it each week, but when I do, I definitely find I cut back on the grocery bill – and we eat better and I’m reminded, I gotta do this again next week!  I use eMeals for my meal planning and I’ve been using them since January of this year again on the Clean Living Plan.

Now eMeals offers an add on Breakfast Plan! I thought this was pretty cool because we do struggle with breakfast in my house too.  You can download a sample week-long breakfast plan from eMeals for printing out and see what you think – for FREE!  I like that all of the sample breakfasts take only a few minutes.  We’re always in a bad dash to get to the bus in the mornings – there’s no way I could spend more than 15 minutes on a breakfast.

Each week has 4-5 breakfasts on it and you can add it onto your regular plan for $3 a month.

There’s even a slow cooker recipe for the night before – even easier, right?  If you like it, there’s a 30% off  discount code!  Use code BREAKFAST30 for 30% off at checkout.


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