A few weeks ago, Jen from Nursing Mother Supplies asked to send me a new nursing bra to sample. The minute I read that its a Bravado bra, I was in. I’ve been so pleased with all the Bravado bras I have, for their lasting quality, the convenience of their breastfeeding closures and the comfort of the bra.

The Bliss offers everything I love about Bravado, in a full-coverage style. This is the bra to wear when you need full support. Its super comfortable with a large cup, its the bra I prefer to wear during my ‘heavier’ days. And while its not the sports bra I wear to work out usually, I did wear it to the gym the other day. Its that comfortable. I know. Crazy, right? A bra that’s that comfortable and supportive? So I did a little investigating and its Bravado’s Flexi-Fit support system that makes it such a pleasure to wear.

Its way too pretty for the gym. With a little embellishment, the Bravado Bliss lets you feel pretty and comfortable in your nursing bra.

Thanks to Nursing Mother Supplies for providing a sample for this review (and my comfort). Use coupon code NMS10 for 10% off your purchase.


  1. How do I pick out a decent brassiere from the distinct branded bra makes like, triumph, sorella and wacoal, etc? Besides getting the exact breasts size measurements, what else should I look at when selecting a bra? Particularly in regard to the various designs of the bra?

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