sublime-cherry-170x200 I have been so impressed with Bravado Designs while wearing their bras the past month. They sent me samples of the Sublime Nursing Bra and Panties and the Allure Underwire Nursing Bra and Panties and I have to tell you that all the Bravado bravo is completely warranted. There’s a reason this nursing bra line has such a reputation: it looks good, feels good, works well with baby and (best part) holds up well through multiple washings.

When Bravado offered to send me a set of each of these lines (both the bras and the panties to match) I was happy to try them out. A little skeptical, I wondered how much I would enjoy these bras more than others? For all the reasons above, Bravado bras have been fantastic.

And, whewee!, are they sexy! I was  never a lacy-unders wearer and wearing the lacy-little-Sublime necessities I know I look sexier than when in my bulky old nursing bras. So this Valentine’s Day, I’m sure I’ll wear my Sublime Nursing Bra and matching panties and I’ll feel sexier.

I’ll also share that I was very skeptical about wearing the Allure Underwire Bra when breastfeeding. As I’ve shared in the past, my boobies have become alternately known as my saggy baggies, and I know that underwire lifts those bags and adds shape. Still, as a breastfeeder, I worried that the underwire would inhibit my flow. Not at all. I’m not a professional fitter, but I can easily compare bras with bras and tell you that if the bra is made well and fits right, its not going to bother you when feeding.

So, the giveaway: Enter to win an Ultimate Nursing Bra Wardrobe like mine. One winner will receive one set of Allure Underwire Nursing Bra and panties and one set of Sublime Nursing Bra and panties. Please comment to this post on Mommies with Style telling us why you want to win. Make sure to include your e-mail address because if we can’t contact you, you won’t know you won. Winners will have 48 hours to respond to our e-mail before forfeiting the prize. Winner’s name will be drawn through on Sunday, February 14, a gift for one lucky Valentine.

Bravado sent me samples of both of these bra sets for this review. They are also providing the giveaway prizes, which will be shipped from their location. Completely separate from writing this review and hosting the giveaway at Mommies with Style, Bravado Designs invited me to be a Bravado Mama Ambassador on my personal blog, Just Precious.


  1. I am pregnant with my 3rd child due in June. I would love to win because I have a drawer full of sad-looking, lumpy old nursing bras. The Bravado set looks beautiful!

  2. I’m nursing my 2.5 week old and still wearing my totally worn out nursing bras from nursing DS1 for 12 months. I’ve rigged them with a bra extender for the time being until I can get out to buy new Bravado bras!

  3. I would LOVE to win! I’m currently breastfeeding my 6 week old baby boy and have yet to find a nursing bra that I like…I haven’t tried Bravado, and would LOVE to!

  4. Oh wow – that is so pretty! I would absolutely love to win – I’m pregnant with our second child, and it’s hard to bear the thought of wearing nothing but my plain jane white cotton nursing bras for months again!

    email: tessa.craig at

  5. I’ve been pumping for 3.5 months now for my surrogate and would love to try something that would be prettier than what I have now. DH would love it too. 😉

  6. Having been pregnant or nursing (or both!) since 2005 and always putting myself last, I would love to be able to wear something beautiful for a change!!

  7. i would so love to win- nursing my baby right now and working full time with not one decent nursing bra. thanks!

  8. i am nursing my 8 month old, and a new pretty nursing bra would help give me more incentive to keep nursing until he’s a year 🙂 he is my third (breastfed) child in 6 yrs…i’m ready to feel sexy again!

  9. Ooh, those are really pretty and sexy. I didn’t think there was such a thing as a sexy nursing bra. I’m pregnant with our 3rd and I’m 50 lbs lighter than I was with my two other children so I’m pretty sure my sad worn out older nursing bras won’t fit anyway. I’d love a new pretty nursing bra!

  10. I’m currently nursing my 7 month old and adding a fun Bravado to my plain ones would be nice.

  11. I love Bravado bras!! The are the best for nursing!!!

  12. I have heard from my other nursing girlfriends,that Bravado nursing bras are the best. I would love to win so I can see for myself.

  13. With my second child on the way, I pulled out all of the dreaded nursing bras. I can tell you, I am not usually a fan! They are dingy, lumpy, and so very basic (black and white only)! uuuugh! But these beauties, oh, how I would love to add them to my post-pregnancy wardrobe!

  14. I am 32 weeks pregnant with Identcal Twin Girls and have been stuck on bed rest since week 24 (with 16 days in the hospital to start it all). Obviously I can’t even get out of the house to shop for nursing bras, and winning them would be such a great treat for what I have been dealt! Feeling good about myself when the girls are born is not an easy thing to imagine, but these bras would definitely help =) Thanks!!!

  15. I would love to win these nursing bra and panty sets. I am nursing my second born and would love to feel sexy while wearing a nursing bra.

  16. I would absolutely love to win these sets! I’ve been wearing the same nursing bra and tank for 3 months and it makes laundry a chore, not to mention I’m sure hubby is tired of *ahem* looking at them! My bras from my first son melted (really?? Thankful I don’t have THAT dryer anymore and I learned my more drying!) and we’re on a tigher-than-shoestring budget so what I’ve got has to do the job this second time would be awesome to have a couple more. Not to mention I’ve never heard “sexy” and “nursing bra” together in the same sentence, so I just had to try!!

  17. I would love to have something a bit more alluring than what I’m currently wearing!

  18. Ann Robertson says

    I need underwire for my “saggie baggies” (love the name BTW)!
    I thought the same about underwire for nursing, and look forward to being able to wear it as I nurse, hopefully, as I am due in less than 10 days!
    Thanks for the info!

  19. I want to win! I love this brand. I live in this brand. And although I have multiple nursing bras, I could always use another. They get mighty worn out.

  20. So, ready to have #4 and really, really need to update my old nursing bras!

  21. I would absolutely love to win this giveaway! I have been nursing for almost 7 years straight, tandem nursing for almost 4 of them (still am tandeming). I currently have only 1 nursing bra and desperately need at least one more; I would love to try the Bravado since I’ve heard so many good things about them! What an awesome giveaway!

  22. My Bravado Bra’s are still holing up well after 4 years and 2 nurslings. I was going to retire them but we just found out we are pregnant with #3! It would be lovely to refresh the collection with some new. I do have one or 2 bra’s that have seen a better day, old favorites always get grabbed first out of the laundry pile 🙂

  23. Why would I want to win? Because, finally, as we have our third child, I am realizing it’s okay to be beautiful and be a nursing mommy. Our youngest is 6 months and for the next year or so, I would love to be able to greet my husband at the door with a kiss and a little secret under my shirt. I’m thrilled to see beautiful AND comfortable nursing bras!

  24. Kelli Jackson says

    I’m due next month (with #3) and have never tried a bravado bra. I’m currently wearing their panties and LOVE them! I just discovered them about a month ago.