I was having one of those days. It was raining. The kids were sick. Feeling swamped and tired, I kicked my legs up at naptime, preparing to dwell in my blues. A sudden, too loud “KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK” jolted me from the depth of my dreams (Riviera Maya anyone?). After groggily racing down to the door before my mailman woke the kids, I reached for the knob and found, yet, another box. (No big surpise I’m sure, I get them often.) “Ummm hmmm… what did I order this time?”
Slowly, I open the box. And suddenly, there is a ray of light shining through the clouds. A dry spot amongst the drops. A smile rises from my lips. Oh, my blueness is turning colorful polkadots. I have a new bag.
The Timi and Leslie Tag-a-long continues in the Timi & Leslie tradition, only smaller. This tote is perfect for running to the store (which I later did that night, in the pouring rain for more cough medicine) and works well as an everyday handbag as well as a diaper bag. Like the interiors on most of their bags, the Tag-a-long includes 2 diaper-sized pockets, one large pocket, an insulated bottle pocket and an un-insulated pocket, with a matching changing pad. Like so many T&L bags before it, it is lined in a waterproof lining and the stylish exterior fabric is coated in a hard vinyl.
New on this bag are the exterior pockets. The perfect size for an additional sippy cup or diapers or wipes, I found this a great place to keep my non-valuable grab n go items. Closing with a magnetic snap, the bag also contains the much needed key clip. Much needed. The bag stands upright really well, thanks to the vinyl coating and a hard board inside the bottom, which I love when using a tote, there’s nothing worse than an open tote falling over and your insides rolling out. (Especially with a toddler who would love to run and “catch” it all.) And I love that the bottom is made of a different, “draggable” material, just incase your Preschooler grabs it and drags the bag along the sidewalk. (Yes, it happens.)
But the big, big deal, is that THIS Timi & Leslie diaper bag attaches to your stroller with stroller straps and clips on the sides. I was a bit concerned about a bag so small attaching to the handles, but Timi & Leslie didn’t let me down. I tried it on my standard umbrella stroller and it attaches easily, without hanging low and getting in the way of my stroller.
Alas, a bad day turns good. A fairy tale of sorts. And the moral? When the going gets tough, the tough need a new bag.

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