bab Tunnels, forts and buildings, they’re some of my kids favorite things to build. For years they have been making museums and sprawling office buildings with wooden blocks. And forts and hideaways with chairs, pillows and blankets. With Brik-A-Bloks thye can create forts, tunnels and kid-sized buildings.

Brik-a-Bloks are panels that fit together with hinges to make boxes. Or tunnels. Or buildings. They’re a future architect’s dream-come-true. Kids can plan and build or recreate some of the many creations on the Brik-A-Blok site. I took a few out to see how they work, as the kids will be receiving them next week for Chanukkah. They’d be a little tough to manipulate for a preschooler’s hands, but with the help of an adult there’s room for hours of planning, creating and then, finally, playing inside. Bigger kids will love to build with them, though. And they’ll quickly learn to make their tunnels the right size for their bodies (this was my biggest concern, that the kids wouldn’t fit through the tunnels. They can, but its tight until they build it up. Of course, this is just one of the many educational aspects of this oh-so-creative toy.)

I’m planning a day of fun with these in about 2 weeks and will definitely make a vlog to share our experience. After my hour of exploring and testing, I am certain that Brik-a-Bloks will be a big hit. And I’ll be certain to clear of a lot of space in our basement for them this winter. In the warmer weather, I can’t wait to take them outside (they’re plastic, so totally water proof). And, the best 2 parts–from a Mom’s point of view? 1. hours of distraction entertainment 2. they store neatly in their heavy-duty plastic packaging.

Brik-a-Blok provided a sample for this review.


  1. Tray'cUrvina says

    Where can I get these brick-a-blocks? My kids would love these!! Thanks

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