advo First, a giveaway!  Britax has generously donated a Roundabout 50 car seat to one lucky winner from Mommies with Style.

To enter, visit the Mommies with Style Message Boards and leave a comment in the Britax Giveaway discussion which asks: what car seat are you currently using? (Doesn’t have to be a Britax to enter, just let us know what you use for your kids – we’re curious!)

If you aren’t registered for our boards, you’ll have to register to enter.  One winner will be selected at random from the responses after September 25th.


And now, onto Julie’s review:
A few months ago, Britax quietly unveiled a new carseat: The Advocate. I’m not sure why it was so quiet, and I haven’t seen or heard much about it. So I’m going to shout out how awesome this seat is. Because I’m extremely impressed, and am very much looking forward to my littlest switching to this pink and brown floral carseat in a few months. (Also available in gray, onyx and tan).

While the seat is all new and great, I really wanted to know why Britax keeps coming out with new options. The company is known to make only the safest caresets. The cream of the crop. They go above and beyond all safety laws. So, why keep creating new ones? Even with the Roundabout nothing was “broke”, so why fix it, right?

So I chatted with Dr. Laura Jana, physician, author and Carseat Protection Technician, a spokesperson for Britax as well as the AAP. I asked Dr. Jana why parents should consider these “better” seats? Afterall, they’ve all passed carseat safety tests, why should we keep upgrading?

Her response put it all in perspective: Is there anything that’s more important than your child’s safety? Probably not. And while all the carseats available may have passed tests, why not go for the one that surpasses tests. A seat that adds safety elements that the carseat techs hadn’t even thought of. For example, the Advocate doesn’t just have padding on the inside of the seat to protect the child riding in it, this is the one seat with padding on the outside as well, to protect the passenger who, in an accident, slams her head against the side.

And why not make life easier for you, the parent? When you consider that you use this seat daily, several times each day, for several years, why not look for amenities like a No Re-thread Adjustment Harness? (If you haven’t had to re-thread, then you don’t realize the value of this. Re-threading is a major PITA).

The Britax Advocate has all the elements of other Britax seats. And as one of the newest in their collection, it features a Flexible Mount System which allows the side impact cushions to move multi-directionally for easy access to the installation and height adjustment.

A convertible seat, the Advocate has been approved for children 5 pounds through 65; and up to 49 inches tall. Parents often wonder, though, which is more important, height or weight when it comes to searching for a carseat. These statistics, according to Dr. Jana, refer to the maximum the seat has been tested for (and passed).  As a parent you’ll need to use your judgement, but generally get a new seat whichever he outgrows first.

The Advocate, with its 5-point harness (check out you-tube if you aren’t convinced your child needs a 5-point harness, I don’t care how hip it is to use a booster with a regular strap, the 5-point harness is so much safer!), and push-button LATCH Connectors and Tethers for easy installation, this carseat is safe, secure, and simple. Whether you’re shopping for a seat for your newborn or a replacement for a soon-to-expire seat (seats expire 6 years after date of manufacture), the Britax Advocate is one worth the money.


  1. Christine Roeske says

    We have a Boulevard for our 10-month old and Britax is as solid and safe as they make em! We simply didn’t consider buying another other brand.

    DS#2 will be born in January and could certainly use the Roundabout – thanks, Britax, for a great giveaway!

  2. Our daughter is currently using a Graco, but we would love to switch to a Britax!

  3. We have Recaro seats… I like them I suppose, but we just got a new car so we really need to buy 2 new seats. The kiddos haven’t been riding in the new car yet, it is TOO hard to transfer the Recaro seats.

  4. We use Britax Marathons. Compared to others I’ve seen they just feel more sturdy. I will say that we did buy cheaper seats for Grandma’s car and Daddy’s truck which we ride in 1 or 2x per month.

  5. We use an Evenflo- it was a present. We have been happy with it- though it isn’t very plush.

  6. I recently purchased a Boulevard for our 14 month old to replace our costco & its an amazing seat! I’d love to replace the costco in our 2nd car!

  7. Laura Stoltz says

    A Graco, from the Metro-Lite collection. But if I were buying it all over, I’d be so tempted by the “cadillac” of car seats……the Britax!

  8. Simply beautiful! Would always be nice to have a Britax! We have 2 graco’s…but always eyeballing those Britax!

  9. My daughter loves her britax and I am expecting another in a few weeks and would love to have one for her future sibling.

  10. My 6 year old still prefers sitting in her Britax Marathon. It’s far more comfortable than sitting on a seat made for an adult. And, we’re expecting another little girl in December so a Britax Roundabout would be a perfect addition to our car. We had one years ago but gave it away when we transitioned to the Marathon.

  11. my 7 month old is using a chicco, one of those bucket style seats, my 4 year old is using one of the ollie clek booster seats, and my 3 year old is using a britax decathalon… we could use a new seat for my 7 month old as she grows out of the chicco.

  12. We have a Britax Roundabout, but it doesn’t look like this one. No extra comfort padding near the head, which looks plush! Plus, ours is much dirtier & worn out. Ha!

  13. Cosco Alpha Omega

  14. Britax Roundabout & Frontier & Peg Perego Infant Seat

  15. Currently we are using a Britax Frontier for my 4 yr old, and a Marathon for my 1 yr old. Would LOVE a roundabout for DH’s car.

  16. I love our Britax Decathalon. We’d be ecstatic to have a Roundabout 50 for hubby’s car.

  17. My 5 year old is still in a Marathon!

  18. Patty Bucken says

    Our 4 and 3 year olds are in Graco, just out of Evenflo Triumph! We would love to put our next kiddo in this Britax, though!

  19. Our 21-month-old is in a Britax Boulevard… would love the Roundabout 50 with #2 on the way in March!

  20. We have a 5 month old baby and we are using the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Infant Car Seat. We like it for safety reasons and it is compatible with the BOB Revolution stroller. Our baby is not small though and he will be out of the seat by 6-7 months.

  21. My 23 month old is in a Graco My Ride. I really like that it is rear facing to 40 pounds.

  22. My 5-month-old son uses a Graco Snugfit infant car seat & my daughter who is almost 3 years old uses an Eddie Bauer convertible car seat.

  23. We have a Britax Boulevard and we love it! It is just a pain to move from one vehicle to the other.

  24. The Britax Boulevard was our choice because of the side impact protection as well as the easy adjustments. It would be wonderful to have a seat for Daddy’s car too – I just moved the Boulevard back and forth this morning due to schedule juggling. Thank, Britax, for such thoughtful products!

  25. Anne Lehnick says

    We use a Graco SafeSeat and a Graco Cargo.

  26. Britax Boulevard.

  27. We have a Britax Marathon.

  28. We are using a 5 year old Britax Roundabout. Love it, but should replace it with a new one.

  29. Britax Marathon, Britax Roundabout, and a Graco Snugride for our 3rd who is due in a few weeks.

  30. Alisa Openshaw says

    We are currently using a Cosco, but it has already gone through 3 children. I would love a Britax for our 4th child. I have been wanting one for years now, but the husband simply won’t buy a new one. Oh! our poor baby! I’m sure he would love a Britax. I know they are the best!

  31. I have heard nothing but awesome reviews on the Britax . . .I’d love it!

  32. We love our Britax! We have a Marathon. Britax is the best!

  33. I have a Graco car seat right now, but would love a britax!

  34. I have three kids, all in various seat stages. My six-year-old is in a Britax Parkway, my three-year-old in a Regent, and my 10-month-old in the Fisher-Price Britax hybrid (which I don’t believe is being made anymore). In any case, I recently learned of a sweet young couple at church who are expecting, and if I win the seat, I will donate it to them. He is a high school teacher, and she is in her last semester of nursing school. Like many people in the service professions, they have more love than money, and they would definitely benefit from a high-quality seat like this!

  35. We have a Britax Marathon for our baby boy but have another baby on the way in february. We could really use a car seat. We love Britax!

  36. We still have our baby in the Graco Sungride infant carseat… but need to switch to a bigger car seat and we have been looking at the Britax. We have heard they are the safest and look forward to having one for her in the future!

  37. We still have our baby on Chicco. She’s going to outgrow it pretty soon but we’re still not at point where we can afford a new car seat simply because I really want her to be on a Britax. We could really use one now that she’s getting bigger and getting to outgrow the Chicco.

  38. We have a marathon and love it. Baby is still rear-facing and we have another on the way. Please hook us up!

  39. We use an older Graco version – we didn’t have a lot of money to spend and took a hand-me-down. Would love to win…

  40. We’re using a Chicco infant seat but Baby is getting a little too long for it! We will probably move her up to a Britax Roundabout shortly. My older girls used the older-model Roundabouts and they were great.

  41. Always Britax- We have roundabouts, Marathons, and even the new parkway for our oldest for his school van. I think our oldest roundabout expires very soon, so we could use a replacement for our youngest!

  42. I currently have a Eddie Bauer car seat for my daughter but would the Britax car seat on Babies R US website but can’t afford over $300 right now for a new one for my daughter. My husband has just gotten back from his second deployment overseas and now we are relocating to the midwest from the West coast. I would feel a 100% better if I knew that my daughter was safe in a brand new car seat. I know that there are hundreds of people of in need of a new car seat for there children but this would be a great gift and one less thing that I would have to worry about on our journey from California to Chicigo in November. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  43. we use chicco for our 4 month but he is huge and hates the infant carrier. totally want to switch to britax ASAP. looked for this at BRU today and they didn’t have :-(.

  44. My Daughter is currently using a Graco and my son is using evenflo carseat

  45. We use Graco seats for our children. We would love Britax seats, but sadly, we can’t afford them.

  46. Angela hoover says

    We borrowed a Britax because our 1 year old was so miserable in the Graco that we inherited. She loves the Britax and we love car rides again.

  47. arely colin says

    i loveee britax, best carseats ever and they are super safe

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