You know how your infant/toddler sees a stuffed animal, gets super excited, plays with it for ten minutes, and then drops it in the gutter, never to be loved again?
Come on, it’s happened to you, right? Which makes it hard, after you wise up, to commit to a stuffed purchase. But I have some good news if you still have a soft spot for cute and cuddley plush animals. Buckleyboo toys are definitely not boring.
What makes them so exciting? Buckles. Yes, buckles. Buckles may not be so thrilling to you and I, but to an exploring infant/toddler, they are the bomb. Babies start making connections and putting things together at about 15 months of age. Their minds are little sponges and their hands are busy. When they’ve explored a regular stuffie and “figured it out”, its on to the next thing. But with a Buckleyboo they’ve got a lot more to explore. First there is the concept of matching, each buckle has a different color and pattern. Then there is the fastening and finallly, by age 3 or 4, unfastening. Note: These toys will not prematurely teach your tot how to get out of their carseat, so don’t stress! They are a different kind of buckle!
Buckleyboo is a really clever toy that keeps kids occupied and learning. I always love to have a few of these “busy toys” on hand, so I was thrilled to hear about this one. Check out all the Buckleyboo animals in their shop. There is even a small Buckleyboo that is perfect for travelling with.

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