Before I left for BlogHer, I introduced you to the Prepaid card with American Express.  The American Express prepaid card allows you to budget but still have all the benefits of having a card that acts like a credit card in your wallet.

As I said before, money burns a hole in my wallet.  I swear I walk around and it just falls out in droves.  It’s nice to have only a card – one that I’ve loaded, one that I can keep track of online, and one that I can budget with.

It’s re-loadable too.  This isn’t like having an Amex Gift card.  You sign up for a card and you can load it time and time again with money via your bank account or cash online!

I used my card while I was at BlogHer and it was nice to not have to carry around a wad of cash.  It works on big purchases – it worked at Starbucks when I bought a coffee for $4.31.

Anyone can get an American Express Prepaid card.  Find out more about it on their website.

Disclaimer: American Express was one of my sponsors for BlogHer’11.  They are providing me with compensation to use with the American Express Prepaid card.

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