While neither of my boys are in strollers anymore, it feels like just yesterday that I pushed them along in one.  And it’s not hard to remember how disgusting their strollers would get from a variety of baby-related things – spit up on the straps, crushed food on the seat.

Enter BuggyLove.  This Organic Stroller Cleaning Kit is ingenious.  I would totally invest in one of these if I still had a child in a stroller because I think it’s just such an easy convenient way to keep your stroller clean.  The Kit comes with FreshLOVE, PolishLOVE, FabricLOVE, WheelLOVE, Re-usable To-Go Bag, Wheel Scrub Bruch, and Re-claimed Microfiber Cloth.

You can basically use these products for air freshening in your car, to wipe down your stroller (and it’s organic, hence safe!) or even on the car seat for a quick wipe down.

I’ve already tucked away the spray bottle of FreshLOVE in my minivan.  Because even though this product’s intended for baby smells, I’m finding it works nicely on stinky soccer boy smell too.

Get the Kit for $49.99 on BuggyLove.com.


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