Several weeks ago, a friend tipped me off on a great gift for my son’s birthday. I promptly ordered, and when they arrived shoved them into a closet — hiding them from everyone (myself included.)
So, when he opened his gifts, we were so excited to try out Carson’s Automoblox. This is one cool toy. There are no loud noises, no flashing lights. And none of us can get our hands off the car.
Essentially, Automoblox are toy cars–bigger than matchbox, smaller than your typical remote control car. But here’s the trick–they’re also blocks. Each model can be broken down into sections, and the parts — tires, roof, people — come apart and reconnect. Moms and Dads… errr, children, can play for hours as they put them back together, making bigger and smaller cars, changing the effect.
But don’t stop there! The pieces of the models can be mixed and matched — the sections of different cars connect as a puzzle. So our minivan and our SUV can be taken apart and combined–making a super long car, or a more (or less) shapely one. And with a few models combined, you can have a rainbow of a car.
You have to check out the website. Automoblox makes you feel like you’re buying a real car (the decision of which to buy is just as difficult.) There are also instructions and demonstrations of how the system works.
Toys that allow imagination, creativity, real play, these are the toys that are valuable. These are the toys I’ll invest in.
Thank goodness I ordered more than one car. He has two. That he’s playing with. There are two more in the closet. Wanna take bets on how long it takes me (I mean him) to get all 7? Not long, I’m sure. Use code SAVE15 for 15% off at My Little Ducks.


  1. Hey Julie – how big are these? Like Thomas the Train size – or much bigger? I'm intrigued and was thinking of ordering one for birthday/Xmas-

  2. Oh no… much, much bigger. Maybe 8 inches long? You're welcome to play with… I mean, come over and check Carson's out! But when you see it, you'll realize that you definitely need more than one. 🙂

  3. Julie, Do you think this is a good gift to put on Jonah's Chanukah list? He'll be 2.5. Or is that too young for this? Thanks.

  4. If its a little challenging at first, he'll surely grow into it during the year. Carson figured out the puzzle part right away. And it is a car–which all boys love, right?
    The biggest reason for the 3+ recommendation is the people pieces. Because of Wes, we put the people into a plastic bag in our filing cabinet (which is becoming more and more of a small piece cabinet.)
    I think its a wonderful gift! (We're giving the truck and the sedan for the holidays.)
    Candice, why don't you fly over and check them out? LOL.

  5. If only money grew on trees I'd be there in a half a second for a play date. I'll put it on our list and like you hide the little people from Eli.

  6. Someday…

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