Arghhh. Ahoy scalliwags! I bet yer thinking I’m about three steps from walkin’ the plank for typin’ away like this. But then you’d have forgotten that today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, wouldn’t ya? So quit swabbin’the decks and listen up. I’ve got real treasure fer ya.
pirateship.jpgOk I give. I can’t keep that up throughout this whole piece. But I still am really excited to share with you a simply spectacular product. It’s called Mr.McGroovy’s Box Rivets and what they are is a simple fastening device that allows you to turn ordinary, humble cardboard boxes, into the coolest, rockin’est, most see-worthy life sized pirate ships, spaceships, lemonade stands and castles. Think you are not crafty enough? All you need to be able to do is cut with a box cutter, and poke a hole in a box with a screwdriver. My grandma could build a pirate ship with these plans and these rivets. In fact my son’s 78 yr old grandma went out and got some of the boxes we used to build the polka dot pirate ship that was the centerpiece of his birthday party. For a mere $6.95 you’ve got a world of possiblilties. Order up some of these rivets and set aside for a rainy day impromptu playhouse. You won’t be sorry. Or, I should say: set sail to McGroovy’s and stock up on these jewels, lest ye be a scurvy rivetless dog!

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