magtastik.jpgMy daughter used to love building things but got bored with blocks and other building toys until we received Magtastik’s as a gift. We haven’t stopped playing with them for months! Yes, I said we, because my husband and I love playing and creating different structures just as much as our daughter does! The Magtastik Pre-School Magnetic Building System is a new magnetic building toy from Mega Bloks that introduces magnet play to preschoolers with big pieces. There are balls and stick-pieces to build cool structures which are large enough (the balls are about the size of a tennis ball) to not pose a choking hazard. The magnets in all of the pieces are fairly strong and easy to build with. The pieces encourage fine motor skills along with color and shape recognition and basic math and science skills. They are a great way to teach your kids about magnets and polarity as two pieces of the same polarity will oppose one another. They are easily expandable and all the pieces mix and match for open-ended creativity and endless possibilities! We started with the 12-piece set Mag Bag and have recently purchased a larger set. Also available are Magnimals, which are magnetic pieces that come as a set and enable your child to build a monkey, dino or dog. I think you’ll agree that Magtastik’s make a great and imaginative way to create and discover with magnetic fun!

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