Time is a funny thing. It plays with your sense of perception: an hour is an hour, but the minutes can drag or speed by depending on what you are doing.
I bring all of this up because it’s now been three months since I had Cole. And while on one hand, the time has flown by — I remember sitting in the hospital holding him as if it were literally five minutes ago — a part of me can’t really remember or fathom life before he came along. It’s like he’s been a part of us and our family forever, and I can’t imagine our life without his little spirit enlightening our world and completing our family.
So what have I been using lately to help take care of him and adjust to life with two?
Here are some highlights:

  • JJ Cole Bundle Me – all I can say is BRR. Our “mild winter” is now a thing of the past – it’s been freezing here in Philadelphia lately! It’s been the kind of cold that hurts your skin the instant you step outside. We’ve been using the Bundle Me through the winter but I’ve been especially grateful for it lately. It fits over your infant carrier and zips up to keep your baby covered. The inside is lined with a thick fleece. Shop Chit Chat Baby and use coupon code “jjcole” for 10% off your order.
  • Bumbo Seat – just started using the Bumbo. They didn’t have this when I had my first son, so I was excited to try it out. It’s so funny! It’s really odd to see such a young baby sitting up but there he sits. And he’s happy to be up and able to participate in the family’s goings on from the upright vantage point. It seats up to 40 pounds and my 35-pound 3-year old fits well in it and is also amused by the seat, so it has many uses. Use coupon code BABY15 to receive 15% off your purchase of $75 or more on One Step Ahead.
  • Bibs and burp cloths from Baby Sophia Gifts – a close friend owns this storefront. She embroiders bibs and burp clothes of the highest quality. I have several “Cole” pieces and I couldn’t live without them. Like his older brother, Cole’s sole mission in life these days is to spit up as much as possible (And sometimes I think, use me for target practice). The Baby Sophia Gifts bibs especially have saved many-an-outfit recently. They are thick and durable; well worth a purchase for yourself, great as a gift for a friend.
  • Skip Hop Pacifier Pocket– where were these pacifier holders when I had my first son? Honestly, this product is great. Never again will you fish in the bottom of your bag for that spare binky. The Skip Hop Pacifier Pocket clips onto my diaper bag choice of the week and provides me with easy access to Cole’s pacifiers.
  • Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Portable Rocker – Yes, I bought another bouncer. Which is slightly insane of me considering that we previously owned two bouncers and two swings, making this bouncer/seat #3. But he hasn’t been a big fan of the swings, we have three levels to our house, and I’m too lazy to schlep stuff up and down the stairs. I’m all about the multi-purpose product these days – if it’s something that can be used by both kids then it has my enthusiastic stamp of approval. So I bought this rocker since it goes to forty pounds and is suitable for toddlers too. It has all the regular bouncer bells and whistles, dangly toys, it vibrates, etc. All in all, well worth the purchase as it’s more long term than other bouncers. It’s currently $5 off on the Babies R Us website.

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