Around here, we love any company that helps animals. Nate’s very into animal rights so he was thrilled to learn about SpiritHoods, a company that not only makes cool looking hats but donates a portion of the proceeds to PETA from the sale of certain hoods . These hoods are made of faux fur and the proceeds are donated to PETA in support of their anti-fur campaign. Love it.

SpiritHoods has an entire section devoted to kids – SpiritHood Kids. These hats are just adorable. And as a Mom, you gotta appreciate the functionality of a piece that’s a hat and mittens in one.

Free shipping on the SpiritHoods website when you purchase a hat and check out the SpiritHats Doodle – you just know they’d love to have their friends sign their hat and then wear it proudly! (Note – the Hoods that donate a portion PETA white rabbit & the ProBlue hoods)

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