My kids are not big hat wearers which can be a problem in sunny So-Cal. There are times that they just need the protection from the sun. I’d all but given up on getting them to wear hats, up until we discovered Cade Christian kids trucker hats a couple of weeks ago at Baby Celebration LA.

Why were they so drawn to Cade Christian hats? I’d like to think it was my fashion gene being expressed. Bu the fact of the matter is that these hats are so dang cool, it does not even occur to my kids that they are hats, which are normally the enemy. They have no idea how many solar rays they are saving themselves from with their fashion accessory.

Initially when we got them, I thought, ok well they won’t WEAR them come tomorrow or next week, it’s just a passing novelty. But not only did my kids wear their hats all the way home from LA, they wore them all day the next day at Disney, and to school several days as well. They still wear them all the time. My big fear now is that they are going to lose their hats. I’d cry but at least I’d know where to go for a replacement.┬áCheck out Cade Christian for your own little roadies!


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