Every now and then, a pitch will hit my inbox that has me shouting, “YES!” This was one of those times. I’ll admit, if it involves wine, chances are I’m gonna be pretty psyched.

CalNaturale is organic wine that comes in a sustainable packaging. What’s not to love about that. Okay I joke that it’s like a juice box for Moms but really, these eco-friendly boxes are called Tetra Pack cartons and they help to cut back on greenhouse gasses, waste and energy that are used in normal wine packaging.

So the real question: how does it taste? There are two types of wine available right now from CalNaturale – Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. Thus far, I’ve tried the Chardonnay and it was great. I was actually surprised at how light it was (sometimes I find Chardonnay to be a bit to heavy and buttery but this wasn’t like that at all.)

Where can you find CalNaturale? Check out their store locater to see if they’ve come to a local retailer near you!

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