One of the brands that I was just enamored with last weekend at Style School, a blogger event I helped to host in New York City, was Cameron Hughes wine.

Let me preface this review by saying I’m the farthest thing from an experienced wine connoisseur. While I do enjoy a glass of wine pretty regularly, I’m a strict cheap Pinot Grigio kind of girl.  I didn’t think that mattered much what the brand was, or that I liked much else.

But then I tasted some wines at Style School last weekend and I was interested to listen to the rep from Cameron Hughes explaining how they do things.  They are not a vineyard with their own brand of wine.  Basically they are re-purposing expensive wines from other vineyards that are the result of overproduction of wine and not enough sales.  Cameron Hughes takes that wine, relabels it and sells a “lot” of it until it runs out.  Each “lot” is different and when that lot is out, it’s out.  But the deal is, you may be getting what was originally $100 but with a new label, it’s costing you $20.

Love it.  My favorite wine of the day was the Moscato, which is a sweet bubbly wine.  It’s the type of wine I’d never think I would like but I could not get enough of it!  In fact, I’ve already ordered several bottles to be shipped to my parents in Florida.  (Boohoo, no shipping to PA.)

So yeah, depending on your state, you may not be able to get Cameron Hughes wine.  But most of the states are luckier than us PA folks so check to see what liquor laws exist in your state (just visit the site and see if your state is an option in the drop down delivery field).  I didn’t pay shipping to Florida, used the 10% off coupon below and I got three bottles of Moscato shipped to my parents house for $37.  Awesome.

Use coupon code WINERIOT to receive 10% off your order at

Also for those of you who live in states that allow it, you can find Cameron Hughes wine at your local Costco and Sam’s Club.

Here’s a video from Style School where the lovely Samantha explains things a little better than I can:


  1. MomMom is looking forward to sampling this wine- sounds very tasty!:o)

  2. The reps were so friendly and knowledgeable at the Style School event. I don’t usually go to the Wayne, NJ Costco, but since it carries the Cameron Hughes brand, I’ll have to start.

    I liked the Chardonnay very much. The Moscato would be a favorite for after dinner. And I was too sure of my klutzy ways to try the red – spills!

    • Kristin – you are so lucky you have a Costco near you that sells it! I’m in PA so even if I did have a Costco near you, no wine for me. It stinks! I plan on picking more up next time I’m in Jersey. And that Moscato was divine!!

  3. I tasted the Moscato. It was such a yummy dessert wine.

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