Virtual Runs are the best. I had never heard of one until a couple of years ago. It’s basically you signing up and committing to a run – say a 5k, just like you would a race in your local town.

Only the Virtual Race usually spans for a period of time and isn’t at one particular event time. YOU pick the date, time and place you run. (You usually have about a week or two to do it.) You’re only indebted to run to yourself and your own motivation. You can typically then upload your time and sometimes receive a medal or certificate in the mail. They often benefit a cool cause and I’ve done a few of them.

They’re really nice as motivation for feeling good about supporting a cause and maybe helping you get out there.

The latest one I signed up for is the Abi & Friends On the Road to Health 5k. It benefits Abi & Friends and the Kolbe Fund. The Kolbe Fund is an awesome location non-profit organization here in Philly that supports families traveling to local children’s hospitals in Philadelphia and Delaware by providing them financial assistance for their area hotel stays. Abi is a cutie from Denver who has been traveling back and forth between her hometown of Denver to Philadelphia to receive treatment for a something called Venous Malformations. You can read more about Abi and what’s going on with her here.

This 5k supports Abi & the Kolbe Fund and they are trying to get someone from all 50 states registered and running/walking to support! I was especially excited to be able to help out with this one as I’ll be in Hawaii during part of the time this 5k is going on (August 7-14th). There’s a lot of the midwest yet to be claimed and of course even if you’re in a state that already has someone, it would be great to add your support!

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Just do it guys! It’s for an awesome cause and it gets you out there. Sign up:Abi & Friends On the Road to Health 5k. Also if you sign up by TODAY JULY 25, you will receive a t-shirt or tank top.

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