benice Being 18 weeks pregnant with my first baby, I regularly hear about how much water I should be drinking to stay hydrated.  I fully understand why I need to drink so much, but honestly there are days where I feel like I just can’t stomach one more glass.  Be Nice prenatal drink mix is a great alternative to the H2O-woes of many pregnant women.  Plus, each packet contains 25% of the doctor recommended supply of folic acid, vitamins and minerals, as well as life’sDHA.  Life’sDHA is extracted directly from algae, not fish, and so is free from contaminants, mercury and hexane. 

Be Nice mix is all natural and doesn’t contain any artificial color, flavoring, or sweetners – something which is extremely important to me.  It doesn’t hurt that it also tastes pretty good. 

The drink mix comes in Berrylicious and Lemonade flavors and is supposed to be mixed with 16.9 fluid ounces of water (the equivalent of one bottle of water).  I’m not a huge fan of sweet drinks, so I mixed mine with 24 ounces of water cutting back on the sugary taste. 

For expectant moms who have a difficult time swallowing their prenatal vitamins, this may be a great substitute.  You can take three to four packets a day to receive your RDA for vitamins, or you can drink one or two packets in addition to your prenatal vitamin.  Of course, it’s always advised to consult your healthcare professional to determine individual supplemental needs. 

Be Nice prenatal drink mix is sold for $13.99 per box of 10 packets.  Enter coupon code MWS10 at checkout before the end of November and you will receive 10% off of your purchase.


  1. that is a terrific idea. those viitamins made me sooooo sick!

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