ergobabyleo.jpgI’m laughing a little as I write this review. Baby carrying has gone so mainstream there was even a little brouhaha over it this week. Motrin released an online Motrin Ad that spurred the ire of thousands of parents, and babywearing organizations. What these moms know and the hapless Motrin ad agency does not know is that babywearing does not have to hurt! In fact it should not hurt if you are wearing a properly fitted carrier. I cannot think of one that is more comfortable, adjustible and pain free than the Ergo Baby Carrier.
It’s pretty easy in the beginning when your baby probably weighs ten lbs or less. Any carrier that offers any support at all is not likely to strain your back and shoulders. But as that baby grows, and begins to get active, the fit becomes more critical.
What I love about the Ergo carrier is that it is so fully adjustable that it can be worn at every stage and age, and not just by me, but by my husband too. It has a lot of different adjustment points so both of us can really fine tune the fit for ourselves, even though we are miles apart in size and shape. The Ergo is also versatile, offering multiple wearing positions in front, back and even as a side carrier. It can be used similarly to a sling with a newborn, with the aid of an insert. It’s easy/quick on and off with the click connectors – no wrapping and tying, which is great in a hurry. It stays (mostly) adjusted when you take it off so you can get it on and get going in a snap.
Ergo has gone one step farther and has developed a diaper back/backpack, and front pouch carrier that integrate with the carrier perfectly. They attach to the carrier ingeniously and with these added accessories you really are good to go – hands free for the entire day. They’ve even created some “sucking” pads to attach to the straps for those of us with babies that like to chew and suck on their carriers. Extensions are available for the waist straps of the carrier, making it one of the few that truly fit all, even plus sizes.
Ergo Baby has an extensive gallery of photos on their site illustrating the many ways the carrier can be worn. Their site is very user friendly and includes detailed instructions on how to use the Ergo carrier in a multitude of positions and how to use the built in sleeping hood (great for keeping baby asleep and/or out of the sun). Choose from several solid colors and one print or from solid and embroidery embellished organic fabric combinations.
If you banished me to a desert island and I could only take one carrier for myself and my husband, it would have to be the Ergo Baby. I have plenty of fashion carriers that I adore as well, but when it comes to utility and the most bang for carrier buck for the whole family, Ergo wins… Hands Free! I can’t think of a nicer gift to give new parents than the gift of pain free baby carrying. And hold Motrin… (not needed while you carry the baby) please!


  1. We wear our Ergo every day. My daughter is now 18 pounds and I need two hands to chase my 3 year old. Also, I never needed to use Motrin with it either!

  2. I too prefer Ergo baby carriers for their being sturdy and comfortable!

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