So these days, I’m probably not the ideal sling/baby carrier tester as: 1) I have a 32 week pregnant belly that gets in the way of any front packs; and 2) my tester has grown to 35 pounds, is almost 3 years old and most definitely does not want to be slung to my body. (Don’t worry sling companies, I’ve been “borrowing” babies to also give accurate reviews!)
Anyway, when it first came, I tested the CatBird Baby carrier with my son as my current tester was unavailable. Considering the weight and spirit of my son, the CatBird Baby Mei Tai held up surprisingly well and felt very snug and strong. And my son actually seemed pretty comfortable and happy in it.
We tested it on my back and it acted more as a seat and he was able to hug me with his legs rather than having them hang down. Something I can imagine would make toddlers feel better as I know with my son, it gave him more of a sense of control. (And just seemed more comfortable.)
The CatBird Baby carrier is one-size fits all, which I can attest to being accurate given my current waist and belly size. Tie it to your own proportions and you’re good to go, it’s very adjustable.
The carrier prices range from $98-108. Use coupon code “mommies” at checkout to get $10 off your order. Expires October 31, 2006.


  1. I really like my Catbird Baby Mei Tai. I was just using it today actually! After walking around the city, my shoulders started to hurt but then again, Anya is 20 lbs and is getting kind of heavy but for short walks, it's fine.

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