“Mom? Can you turn up the music?” “Mom, I want number 4″ …”Can you play Pop Fly again?” … “Hey Dad, I want SUPER KID!!”
This was the depth of conversation we had in our car yesterday. After listening to Justin Robert’s new CD Pop Fly for two weeks (it was released on the 17th) my children have memorized the tracks and the words, and are now selecting favorites. In the end, its easier just to play the CD through, because eventually they’ll listen to every song, each time.
For those who haven’t heard Justin Roberts’ so fun music (I was one of you until I got this one), his mix of music genres ventures from folksy to beachy to fun rock and roll. So easy to dance to, so fun to listen to and sing along. I find myself singing ‘Pop Fly’ at the top of my lungs. But when I was quiet today, I noticed that my four year old sings it just as well (okay… better). The words of Pop Fly, Roberts’ 6th family album, are very elementary–as in elementary school. Each song tell a story of which kids of elementary age will surely relate. And the preschoolers and toddlers? No question they’re loving it.
Listen to the tracks to get a preview–its easy to get addicted. I’ll admit–I’m one of his newest fans. Justin Roberts’ Pop Fly is fun fun music for kids and their parents. You’ll soon be shouting out about catching a pop fly yourself.

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