Recently I told you about my experience with Lowe's Appliance Selector Tool, but what I didn't tell you much about was the appliance it led me too - the Whirlpool Duet Front-Loader Washer and Dryer with steam. Is it legal to marry an appliance? This washer/dryer set had more features than I knew what to do with when it arrived, but over the … [Read more...]

Back in December, I brought you a review and giveaway on  I was sharing that there is so much more to than, well, diapers. This review is along the same lines.  Beyond diapers, has an entire Green Baby section where those of you trying to go more eco-friendly can shop conveniently for a wealth of awesome … [Read more...]

I find it totally awesome that big brands like Staples are on board with offering green product options.  Now Staples has Sustainable Earth, a line of organic and green products available online and in-store. They have a variety of Sustainable Earth products like:  All-Purpose Cleaner, Printer Toner, an Eco-friendly Notebook and even a … [Read more...]

Each of my boys will be getting a Growums pack in their Easter basket this year.  I think this may be my favorite item in the basket.  My boys love to work with Daddy on the annual vegetable garden we have on the side of our house.  Each year we have a variety of veggies and the boys love helping to cultivate and grow our food. This year, my … [Read more...]

While I've seen Tegu Blocks around the web for a few years now, I had never seen a set in person.  I thought they were your ordinary set of cool, eco-friendly blocks. These blocks are cool and they are eco-friendly but they are also magnetic and completely addicting.  I received a sample of the Pocket Pouch Tegu Blocks in the mail and I have not … [Read more...]

April 22nd is Earth Day and every year I love bringing our readers the most unique and eco-friendly products that are out on the market. Here's one of many earth-friendly products I'll be featuring this month:  the Earth Purse.  Each purse uses 100% recycled textiles that have previously been thrown out. Each purse is unique so you know … [Read more...]

I don't have girls, but if I did, I can imagine I wouldn't be to thrilled the idea of putting chemicals on their nails for nail polish. Piggy Paint is makes all-natural nail polish that's great for kids - it's non-toxic and odorless.  This seems like a no brainer to me - especially for young kids who tend to put their hands in their mouths … [Read more...]

I'm always looking for ways to green my kitchen and Full Circle Home has a number of useful, beautiful and eco-friendly products to help keep you kitchen clean and green this holiday season. Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner - at our house, the holiday means lots of entertaining which inevitably means lots of dirty glasses to wash. Over the years I've … [Read more...]

One of my favorite things about the fall are Sunday afternoons with my family.  We turn on NFL Football and hang out at home organizing, playing family games, watching football and just spending some quality time together. Yesterday was one of my favorite kinds of these days.  It was a bit rainy on and off, plus the Eagles were playing so we … [Read more...]

We're getting ready for our son's arrival next month and we've decided to go with organic bedding from Natural Mat, for his crib. We chose the Organic Fitted Cotton Percale Crib Sheet ($45 ) - which is unbleached and undyed. The sheet is machine washable and dryable, as well as an ec0-friendly choice for our child. Because accidents happen, we … [Read more...]