It's rare you'll hear me admit, "okay, my husband was right," so take note on this once-in-a-lifetime post! I am wholeheartedly admitting that buying this product was all my husband Jon's idea. He has wanted a GoPro video camera for the family for years - ever since the very first one came out and he chatted with some dude on a chair lift while … [Read more...]

Last week I shared photos with you guys of my awesome trip to Kmart to stock up for Halloween. Also to note before you even keep reading: there's an AWESOME giveaway going in that post. It's running for two weeks so there's one more week to Enter to win one of 2 $500 gift cards from Kmart! This week, I wanted to show you what I did with some of … [Read more...]

Recently, I received a little package of goodies from the Company Store.  I received the Newport Stripe Beach Towel (currently on sale for $34, normally 37) and this cute little girls Ladybugs Tote Bag from Company Kids ($39). Definitely did not know that the Company Store sold beach towels and other beach-related items as I would have … [Read more...]

Nate's been asking for just a regular Razor Scooter for ages.  For whatever reason, we haven't had a regular scooter in the house and he loves going over to his friend's house where he gets to ride on his Razor Scooter. So when my mother in law asked what Nate wanted, I mentioned this as a great birthday or Christmas present for him.  She gave … [Read more...]

So I was off at the beach when I received this opportunity to interview Brooke Burke on some summer hostess/BBQ tips. She was nice enough to answer my questions online by video and she has some fab tips on kids being a part of a BBQ, her favorite BBQ food choices, how to set the mood and more - check it out here: … [Read more...]

Of course my kids totally didn't get my singing the 80's Chia Pet commercial as we got the seeds ready for our family's new SpongeBob Chia Pet. This past weekend, we prepped our new Chia Pet - the SpongeBob Chia Pet.  I love that this old classic is still around. My boys got a kick out of putting the seeds onto the Chia Pet this weekend. … [Read more...]