I'm embarrassed to be sharing these before photos. The only reason I'm doing it is because I can post an after photo. Otherwise, I always thought that if anyone actually took a look at my laundry room they might apply on the sly for my family to appear on an episode of Hoarders. Our laundry room is in the middle of our first floor and pretty … [Read more...]

I've made holiday cards through a number of companies over the past few years. Some them all blur together, offering fine, but not memorable products or services. Others stand out. One of those is Minted.com. (Special coupon code below!) Minted is not your average stationary shop. They describe themselves as a "global community of independent … [Read more...]

So I'm in the process of combing through all of the amazing designs at TinyPrints.com to order my annual holiday cards.  As usual, I'm overwhelmed but the assortment of beautiful designs to choose from! I'm also thinking I may do two sets this year - Christmas cards for those who celebrate, and generic Happy Holiday cards for those who don't. … [Read more...]

Tiny Prints and the American Cancer Society have launched an awesome partnership to wish you and everyone out there more birthdays and less cancer in the world. Cancer sucks, no doubt about it, and we need to do every means we can to support fighting it and finding a cure.  You can now shop for birthday cards on Tiny Prints and help support the … [Read more...]

Even I, a Mom of two boys, know how special American Girl is to little girl's around the world.  Their dolls, the stories they tell and everything that goes along with the American Girl experience are the kinds of things that childhood memories are made of. What I didn't know was that American Girl also has a line for birthday parties - … [Read more...]

A couple of weeks ago, I changed my Twitter name.  When I signed up three years ago, Twitter was just another random website and random offering - no one knowing how big it would really become.  I used the name "mommieswstyle" - note the "w" instead of the "with."  I couldn't fit with as they had a character limit.  I didn't realized the … [Read more...]

This is a great product and business idea.  The founder of MyJotJournal.com realized that while one status update on Facebook might not mean much, collectively the pictures and the updates mean a whole lot.  For so many of us, our lives are journaled on Facebook and as time goes on they scroll away into the Internet abyss.  What if there was a … [Read more...]

In addition to turkey and pie, hopefully the recent holiday gave you the chance to grab a great family photo. And now that Thanksgiving has past, it's time deck the halls, trim the tree and send out those holiday cards. I know there are plenty of big name photo card producers you can choose from, but this year I wanted to go in search of something … [Read more...]

This is the fourth year I've used a momAgenda Desktop.  Over the years, several of my friends have joked about the fact that I still use a traditional planner.  I'm such a tech geek, how can I not have gone electronic with my day planner?  The answer is that my life is so crazy, I can't even keep up electronically.  I need a planner that I … [Read more...]

While we live in an increasingly digital world, it's still means something to get a custom holiday card from your family and close friends. I usually admire the wonderful photo cards my friends and family send, because I usually never have my act together enough to send them out. I would have had an excuse this year, since we hve a new baby and all … [Read more...]