My son Nate got the WORST break out of poison ivy rash earlier this spring. It was pretty early before it had truly gotten warm,but he must have gone romping around in a huge patch of it in our back yard woods because the rash was UP AND DOWN his legs. It oozed and was so swollen that we didn't suspect poison ivy as the cause. It actually took … [Read more...]

Have you guys ever made your own homemade hummus? It's actually very easy - I had no idea! With Memorial Day weekend coming up and a whole slew of other summer activities, this seems like a super-easy one to whip together on the go to bring to a party or just for a snack at your own house. Chickpea Salad Recipe   Save Print Author: … [Read more...]

Years ago, I was at a brunch and the host had a cake there was deceivingly plain looking. It had a slice and it was actually one of the more delicious cakes I had ever tried! I asked what it was and she told me it was called and Olive Oil Cake, I was like, for real? What CAN'T olive oil make tasty? I've been on a hunt every since to find a … [Read more...]

Doesn't this look just delicious and refreshing? Guys reading - make this with the kids and bring this to Mom on Mother's Day! She'd love and appreciate a little protein pick me up made out of whole ingredients. Just check out all of the goodness that goes into this smoothie: I got out of making smoothies for awhile when I was doing my … [Read more...]

This. dip. is. addicting. Like crazy addicting. I first had it at my friend Cindy's house. I spent half the party standing over this dip eating it and being too busy scarfing my face than to actually talk to people. So you've been warned. Make this one at your own risk - you may lose all your party people to the tasty hoagie dip recipe below. It … [Read more...]

When I was doing the Whole30, one of my favorite afternoon snacks was Banana Chips. They're healthy & tasty and helped me with that need of something sweet without sugar. I have a great recipe for you guys today to make them homemade! Please note these do contain sugar but the sugar is optional. If you are paleo or just eating healthy, you … [Read more...]

Just in time for St. Patrick's day -shake up this tasty Irish Whiskey Sangria to impress your guests & friends! Irish Whiskey Sangria Ingredients: 2 ounces of Irish Whiskey 3 ounces Spanish Red Wine 1 ounce Honey 3 Maraschino Cherries 3 Papaya Chunks 2 Orange Slices 2 Passion Fruit Slices Ice … [Read more...]

If you're just joining me on these Whole30 posts, howdy! Here's what you need to know about me: I love wine. I didn't realize how addicted to sugar I was before doing this challenge. By the time this posts, I will have hit day 15. Halfway through myWhole30. {What's Whole30? Check out my post from last week which includes my Whole3 Week One meal … [Read more...]

Today so happens to be National Chocolate Mint Day! (Who comes up with these days?) We LOOOOVE the combo of chocolate and mint over here at Mommies with Style so we don't really need an excuse to celebrate, but thought we thought it was a good excuse to share some of our favorite recipes that combine goodness of chocolate and mint. Check it out and … [Read more...]

One of my staple recipes that I make on a regular basis is this Mediterranean Chicken that I posted about two years ago. It's easy and awesome. It works with pretty much any veggies that are good roasted but the icing on the cake for me is the fresh mozzarella balls in the end. But right now I'm on a paleo food challenge called the Whole30 (more … [Read more...]