This beautiful children's book, When God Made You, released last week and it shot to the Amazon bestseller list within a day! It's currently listed as the #1 bestseller in Children's Christian Books! It's written by Matthew Paul Turner, the husband of a blogger friend of mine. (He also wrote God Made Light, which I wrote about here a few years … [Read more...]

Every year, I try and bring a round up of gifts that really thrilled my kids that were under the tree. There's always one or two items I picked up last minute that I didn't think much of that ended up being totally successful and sometimes the toys I think will be the biggest hits are total flops. Here's a few that really stuck out this … [Read more...]

You guys. This book. I am so full of attachment for the characters after having just finished it that I'm going to have to sit for awhile before I start another book. It's called Lilac Girlsand you need to buy it/download it NOW if you're a reader and a lover of historical fiction. Man am I still reeling from this amazing read. I think I can … [Read more...]

This is a very serious blog review. No smiling allowed. You know, it's seriously a wonder I can even get through a poker game because I smiled as I typed that. True story! I'm bringing you the cutest children's book review today. This book is called This is a Serious Book and it's written by a very good college friend of mine. It's not … [Read more...]

I've most definitely struggled over the years with wanting to be there for my kids but also wanting to be my own business woman. They are two totally different roles and so many Moms today have both in their lives. In fact, I can't think of many people who don't raise their kids along side having some sort of job or hustle on the side. We're … [Read more...]

We've had aaaalot of travel time this summer, with only more coming soon with a flight to Hawaii from the east coast. I've definitely been logging some miles on my Kindle too and my summer reading list. I recently re-discovered how to rent a book on my Kindle from my local library so that's awesome and helps with cost as I've been reading a ton. … [Read more...]

Read anything good lately? I've recently joined a second book club because I love to read so much. I'm always looking for new books and an excuse to drink wine and talk about them. So I've been putting together a list to share with you guys from my want-to-read list on Good Reads. These all come highly recommended either by me, a friend or … [Read more...]

These days, if he's not playing Minecraft, you'll find my 12 year old reading. In fact, Minecraft and diving into a great dystopican fiction series are his two favorite pastimes. He gobbles up books. I'm constantly on the hunt for new book series for him because he especially loves series and knowing there are a bunch of books to dive into. I … [Read more...]

We're expecting anywhere from 6 inches to 27 inches of snow this weekend according to the weather experts. I've seen so many varied posts on Facebook and online on what we should expect with this big snowstorm this week but I think at this point it's safe to say we are getting SOME SNOW and will most likely be having a snow day or two in the … [Read more...]

Friends, when was the last time you made some time for yourself? You're laughing, right? At the suggestion? I know. I struggle often to find any time for myself with work, family live and general craziness. But you can do it! Early last year, I brought you a review of my blogger friend Jessica's book, The Fringe Hours. Her book helps you find … [Read more...]