"Mom, can I have a phone?". As parents of young children and tweens this question comes up a lot! It is difficult to decided when is the right time. We want them to have the safety features of a smart phone such a being able to communicate with us, locating where they are with GPS and feeling like they can have a bit of freedom with still being … [Read more...]

A couple of years back when I was writing for AOL, I featured Safety Tat on their homepage.  Safety Tat are temporary tattoos like the tattoos you get at a kids party.  You stick them on your kids arm and they last for several days.  In my opinion, they are perfect for a vacation to Disney or when you are traveling somewhere crowded.  You can … [Read more...]

Poor Cole has very sensitive skin. I've talked about it a bit on the blog here before but he basically gets patches of eczema in the summer months. He's just fine in the winter but the combo of the pool chlorine, sun and sun tan lotion is just too much on his skin - especially the back of his legs and his feet. In previous years, we've had nights … [Read more...]

Such a simple design yet so totally perfect: the Light My Way Portable Nightlight is a huge hit in our house for my 6 year old. The handle is the best part - it's easy for little hands to grasp & he can carry it around with him at night. I think it's actually designed for a younger crowd too so I would imagine this is also fun for toddlers! … [Read more...]

As I write this post, I'm glancing over at my sick 9 year old who is down for the count with the flu. After having it myself at Christmas, I wouldn't wish the flu on my worst enemy, let alone my child. I've decided it's MUCH WORSE to watch my child have it than have it myself too, by the way. It's just awful to watch him suffer, especially since I … [Read more...]

Last month I had the chance to watch a 30 lb. weight slammed 9,000 times onto the bottom rail of a baby crib. This is just one of over a dozen different tests Delta Children's Product performs on every model of crib they make. Delta Children's Products invited me along with a few other bloggers to one of their testing facilities located in … [Read more...]

Wow - this one's a bummer as we loved our Bumbo Seat.  But even more interesting, upon a search here on Mommies with Style and Bumbo Seat reviews, I see that Julie posted about a recall back in 2007 of Bumbos for the SAME reason.  Yikes. The Huffington Post reported today that Bumbo Seat has recalled more than 4 million Bumbo Seats due to … [Read more...]

Infant seats have come a long way since my oldest was a baby and it could not get safer than the onBoard™35 infant seat featuring Air Protect™ Side Impact Technology. Here are some features on the onBoard 35: Rear-facing 4-35 pounds and up to 32” in height Featuring Air Protect™ revolutionary side impact technology - LEARN … [Read more...]

My one beef with baby gear is often how short of a time it actually gets used. So I have a special place in my heart for gear that grows with your child or that is multipurpose. One of my latest finds is the mydlink-enabled Wireless N Network Camera (DCS-930L) from D-Link. When you’re shopping for a baby monitor, you’re more likely to end up … [Read more...]

As a parent, it's your job to make your baby's world a safe place to learn and grow. Baby-proofing helps protect your child from dangerous areas in your home--and helps protect your belongings from damage. There are many products marketed to parents to baby-proof their homes, but as with most parenting issues, sometimes the most basic solutions … [Read more...]