I showed my true geek colors last summer when I ran into a Zombie from PopCap's Plants vs. Zombies at Getting Gorgeous during my time in New York for BlogHer.  We're huge Plants vs. Zombies fans in our house - we've been playing it for a few years now and it's always a go-to for fun with the kids on our iPads and on our family desktop. So I was … [Read more...]

Here's what back-to-school really means: back to schedules, back to homework and of course, back to making lunches. This school year, my first grader started back to school with this cool lunch carrier - the Rover Lunch Box from Planetbox. This eco-friendly, stainless steel lunch box has been a hit for my first grader (and me!) during the first two … [Read more...]

Man, we're barely beyond the fourth of July and the aisles are already being stocked with Back to School items. This summer is just flying by! I have some serious back to school shopping to do this season - Nate (entering 3rd grade) has a page-long list of required supplies and my baby's going to Kindergarten! (!!) I'm already eyeing up new … [Read more...]

From about April-October, my kids have popsicle and Flavor Ice (we call them "Icey Pops" in our house) almost every day. And every day that I give them a popsicle, I have to also give them a paper towel to wrap around the popsicle because they complain about cold hands if I don't. Enter the IceHuggy, which is really such a simple yet handy … [Read more...]

High chairs are not often known for their style. Plastic behemoths, too-loud colors and cheap materials abound. But then there is Svan. Their high chair has been one of my favorite pieces of baby gear since I initially discovered it with my first child. And now they've given it an upgrade to add even more features. The newly remodel, redesigned … [Read more...]

Congratulations to our juicer winners: Diana, Cindy, Melissa, Suzy, Korie, Jim, Jen, Dianne, Carlos and Susan. The winners have already been notified via email. Enjoy! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I had two cups of kale, a carrot, an apple and half a cucumber for breakfast this … [Read more...]

It's important to me to pack healthy lunches for my children.  (Isn't it for any Mom?)  I make a little game of it with myself each day.  I pack nine lunches every week and my challenge is to make them healthy and have a good variety.  My kids love variety. I'm lucky that my kids will each a variety of foods.  Here are a few we recently tried that … [Read more...]

This time of year is always a whirlwind of labeling things for my kids for back to school.  After this year's Style School, I'm using Mabel's Labels.  Years ago, I had used Mabels Labels and I don't know why I ever stopped! I ordered my kids some Colourful Sticky Labels ($21). Love these!  They stick to just about anything - I have them on my … [Read more...]

My oldest starts kindergarten in a few days which has a few significant changes from preschool last year. 1) He'll be going to school every day. 2) The school day is 2 hours longer than preschool. 3) He'll need to bring a lunch. It's this last one I've been thinking about recently. Though we have a few random lunch bags that we use for … [Read more...]

For years, I've been hearing my friends Kelly and Jo-Lynne talk about eating gluten-free.  I've listened curiously but without much personal attachment to the subject. Then a couple of weeks ago, my vegan sister told me that she had gone gluten-free.  And that she's lost 30 lbs doing it and all of her skin problems (bad eczema she's had since … [Read more...]