Truth be told, I should have known it was going to be a scene when I left my house this morning to pick up the Nintendo Switch, which released today, March 3. We hadn't pre-ordered. I had intended to do it at my local GameStop but by the time I got around to it, they were sold out of their pre-order slots. I didn't even think I'd be that person … [Read more...]

Listen up people, for those of you looking to gift a relative or spouse who was a child of the 80s or early 90s, the Nintendo NES Classic is the holiday gift you have to get. If you can find it. Because right now it's sold out everywhere. This is the original Nintendo console that so many people grew up gaming on. I picked up one when I was on a … [Read more...]

Doing this blogging gig, I get a lot of cool invites. I appreciate each and every one of them. In recent years, our life has gotten so busythat I haven't been able to get to many things, but with this one, Iknew I couldn't say no: a trip to Redmond to visit Nintendo Headquarters. With my boys! Given that we're a huge gaming family, you guys can … [Read more...]

The perfect holiday gift for the karaoke fan on your holiday gift list: Just Sing by Ubisoft! Available for the Xbox One or Playstation4 - you know this is sure to be a hit on Christmas day after all the gifts are open and you're all looking for something to do with your stuffed bellies and glass of wine. The song list of a mix of current and … [Read more...]

Unless you've been on an Internet free vacation the last few days, you'd be hard-pressed to have missed all the buzz surrounding the release of PokemonGo - a new game & app from the Pokemon franchise. It's a free to play, reality mobile game. It's called "augmented reality," which means players have to move around with their smart phones to … [Read more...]

Love me some monthly subscription boxes. We're regulars of Bark Box for the pup and I've tried a few others along the way. There's just something fun about the unknown showing up on your doorstep. So I was perusing Groupon one day and shopping for nothing in particular (which is always dangerous) when I found a deal to try out a one month box … [Read more...]

Last week at a conference at Disney, I was fortunate enough to get to preview the first half hour of Pixar's new movie, Finding Dory! You guys - from what I've seen, I can say that it's everything Finding Nemo was and more! I was so bummed when the clip ended and can't wait to take the family to see it when it comes out. Which luckily, isn't too … [Read more...]

My boys have always been into those books with hidden pictures or where you have to seek and find something on the page. And a couple of years ago, we had tried out an Eye Found It! game from Wonder Forge and have been playing it for years so I'm looking forward to giving Cole (9) this latest Eye Found It! game - Journey Through Time on … [Read more...]

Because it's really hard to buy TOYS for my boys these days, I wanted to showcase a few that they still play with as we near the holidays in the hopes of sharing with others who have difficult-to-buy for kids. I should note, I have a 9 year old and one who is about to turn 12 so we're definitely in tween I-want-technology-only land but the kid in … [Read more...]

It's taking MEGA will power on my part to keep me from giving this to my boys' early this season. My guys are still allll about Minecraft so I know they will go nuts over this latest game release: Minecraft Story Mode. How is this different from regular Minecraft? It's a single-player story mode. You are off on specific adventures in 5 parts. … [Read more...]