So I received this note in my inbox yesterday. ┬áSponsored by donation of product from Lansinoh, Cottonwood Kids and more, there are now roughly 200 hospitals nationally that give a Healthy Baby Bounty Bag to a new Mom at discharge. The bag contains milk storage bags, disposable nipple pads, samples, coupons, and information that supports and … [Read more...]

With my first two kids, the nursing bras I wore weren't too exciting - I sported such thrilling shades of neutral, white, and black.. They were the antithesis of sexy. Since the birth of my third child, I'm rocking nursing bras in a leopard print and a beautiful berry color, plus a nursing tank in a stunning Jade color from Bravado! Designs. The … [Read more...]

Motherlove Herbal is ideal for anyone who's pregnant, postpartum, breastfeeding, as well as babies. This company uses certified organic ingredients that are certified cruelty free and without preservatives, artificial fragrances and petroleum-based additives (such as mineral oil). All of their products are safe for baby's skin. As a mama who's now … [Read more...]

Right before I gave birth, I met some lovely ladies from Lansinoh at BlogHer. They graciously sent some products to test out, including their LatchAssist ┬« nipple everter ($10.69), Soothies by Lansinoh Gel Pads ($9.00 - $12.99) for a package of 2, and HPA Lanolin ($7- $10). Based on my previous latch issues with my other two children, I was … [Read more...]

Sometimes a nursing mama needs a little help boosting her milk supply. Why not do it with a delicious cookie like Milkmakers? Basically, they're healthy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with a few ingredients added (like brewer's yeast and flaxseed) to promote milk production. Brewer's yeast increases the production of breastmilk and provides … [Read more...]

My newborn is 11 days old now and exhibiting some strong preferences-- like for his NUK Orthodontic Pacifier ($5.99 for a 2 pack). I've tried a few other brands, but even at a week old -- he knows the difference between NUK and the other brands. He will actually scream if I do not give him his NUK pacifier. The dentists in my husband's family … [Read more...]

With baby #3 newly home from the hospital, I'm jumping back into the world of breastfeeding. And trying out some different products than with my past newborns. With my previous two children, I almost exclusively used Lanisohn's disposable nursing pads. I think I received my first box as a gift or as a recommendation from another mom and stuck … [Read more...]

As I shift from pregnancy mode to new mommy/nursing mode (baby comes August 12), I'm looking around for things that will make my life easier as a nursing mom. Medela sent me a sample of their Nursing Camisole ($34), which is made of a cotton blend. Even at 9 months pregnant, it fits me beautifully, is comfortable, and is will fit me after baby … [Read more...]

Some women are confident enough to nurse in public, but I'm not one of them. If I'm in store or park, I prefer to cover up with a Hooter Hider/Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover. It's the same company, the product has two different names. I had owned one with baby #2 and given it away when she was done nursing, so I was so excited when Bebe au Lait … [Read more...]

I'm 34 weeks pregnant with my third child and it's time to make sure I'm ready for my third hospital stay! My first child came ten days early and I wasn't ready, so I made it a priority to pack last week. Most of it is packed in a huge tote from Destination Maternity ($34.99), designed by Heidi Klum - unfortunately no longer available on their … [Read more...]