I have both a four year old, and a three month old. This Christmas my son is easy. He can tell me what he wants, and even if he doesn't tell me, there are a TON of things that I can think of that he needs (OK wants). My daughter on the other hand needs nothing, but of course I want to get her things, so I wanted to share a few items from Skip Hop … [Read more...]

Last weekend at Mom Mixer, I was introduced to tommee tippee's latest product - the 360 sealer Diaper Disposal System.  While my kids are long out of diapers, it's not hard to remember the stench that dirty diapers can create in your nursery and house!  Having a decent diaper disposal product is KEY to not being grossed out on a daily … [Read more...]

So I'm back from a family road trip to Ohio. I had been invited to a quick trip to the Proctor & Gamble offices in Cincinnati for a two day conference with a few bloggers. I jumped on the opp since my parents and sister live out that way too and we spent the full week out there! The trip was a ton of fun and I really had a fab time the days … [Read more...]

Skip Hop has debuted two new diaper bags for the summer season and I just adore them both!  Too bad I don't actually have a reason to carry a diaper bag anymore! But here they are - the Duo Luxe French Stripe ($64.00) and Duo Chevron ($58.00) diaper bags.  Both are basically set up just like the original classic Duo (full of tons of … [Read more...]

What do you give to the Mom who has everything for their newborn baby? This is a question I get asked a lot here on Mommies with Style. That and, what do they REALLY need? I have the answer for you guys!  Bibs and burp cloths from BabySophiaGifts.com make the perfect new baby gift for just about anyone. My good friend Jennifer started this … [Read more...]

I'm always looking for that perfect diaper bag and I FINALLY think I've found it (after 6 years of parenthood!). It's Ju Ju Be's BFF Diaper Bag ($165). Why do I love it? Sometimes I take a stroller around, sometimes I wear the baby, and sometimes I run into the New York City and need to be ultra portable. The BFF easily handles all my modes -plus … [Read more...]

Huggies just introduced a slip on diaper called Huggies Slip-ons-- and I want to know why didn't anyone think of this years before? My youngest child is almost 13 months and has turned from a baby into a toddler who hates to sit down for diaper changes. I've always been horrible at "put the diaper on the standing child", so when I got samples from … [Read more...]

Recently I went on a mini-shopping spree of some great finds on Diapers.com.  While I'm out of the diapers stage with my kids, I hit up their Summer Sale and got a great bag and some paper products (paper products!  on a diapers site!  who knew!?) But I wanted to mention something pretty cool I noticed while there because I wish this had … [Read more...]

Back in December, I brought you a review and giveaway on Diapers.com.  I was sharing that there is so much more to Diapers.com than, well, diapers. This review is along the same lines.  Beyond diapers, Diapers.com has an entire Green Baby section where those of you trying to go more eco-friendly can shop conveniently for a wealth of awesome … [Read more...]

Before I became a mom over 5 years ago, Aquaphor Healing Ointment by Eucerin, has been a staple in my house. I've used it on my dry skin and when I had my first baby in 2005 - I started buying the baby version, Baby Aquaphor. My reason is that it worked well on me, so I wanted to see if it worked on my child's delicate parts. It actually was one of … [Read more...]