When it comes to preparing to have a baby, what item comes to mind that you will most definitely use the most? Well diapers of course!! Being  a new mom, I have come learn first hand how many diapers one ACTUALLY uses in one day...and boy is it alot!!! That's why I was so excited to receive my Chic Mama Diaper cake! Not only is it super cute, but … [Read more...]

My youngest child has been out of diapers for over a year now so buying diapers and shopping somewhere like Diapers.com has not been on my radar. Until recently, when I received a note about participating in a campaign for Diapers.com to purchase and use the site for more than diapers. More than diapers at Diapers.com?  I was curious to see how … [Read more...]

With two kids in diapers, I don't leave home without a diaper bag. So, when I needed a new diaper bag for going out with both my infant son and my 2 year old daughter, I went with Kalencom's Coated Double Buckle Bag (around $80). I love the fun colored Giraffe Print -- choose from chocolate and blue, chocolate and cream, and chocolate and pink.  … [Read more...]

Big City Moms recently partnered with TheBump.com, to throw their Biggest Baby Shower on November 2nd in NYC. Over 400 expecting attendees had access to new products, gear, fashion and must-haves for babies, children and parenting.  Over 80 featured brands were there, including Delta Juvenile Products, Bugaboo, Duane Reade, BornFree, Skip*Hop … [Read more...]

Motherlove Herbal is ideal for anyone who's pregnant, postpartum, breastfeeding, as well as babies. This company uses certified organic ingredients that are certified cruelty free and without preservatives, artificial fragrances and petroleum-based additives (such as mineral oil). All of their products are safe for baby's skin. As a mama who's now … [Read more...]

Ever take a trip with a baby or a toddler and have to haul a suitcase full of diapers? I've done that several times and have resented how much room they've taken up. I wish I had known about DiaperBuds! They're individually wrapped, vacuum-packed disposable diapers -- why didn't someone think of this before!!  Just open the plastic package and it … [Read more...]

I'm 34 weeks pregnant with my third child and it's time to make sure I'm ready for my third hospital stay! My first child came ten days early and I wasn't ready, so I made it a priority to pack last week. Most of it is packed in a huge tote from Destination Maternity ($34.99), designed by Heidi Klum - unfortunately no longer available on their … [Read more...]

After the initial shock of the cold winter months, baby Gianna has learned to love getting her diaper changed.  Changing time has turned into play time.  And given the opportunity, she'll laugh, kick and giggle for half an hour...as long as she's naked.  Of course I love keeping her happy and playing, but "naked time" presents me with two … [Read more...]

During the month of June, Kalencom, the New Orleans based diaper bag company, and its subsidiary Hadaki, will donate 10% of all sales to Audubon Nature Institute, which is coordinating the sea turtle marine mammal rehabilitation in the Gulf of Mexico. “Our company is no stranger to devastation having lost an entire warehouse as a result of … [Read more...]

Another product we brought along on our trip was the GoPillow! My son and daughter loved the Go Pillow! so much that they actually fought over whose turn it was to have it! The GoPillow! is a portable pillow that has a built-in blanket tucked away inside. My kids loved snuggling with it on the airplane (of course taking turns), since it is super … [Read more...]