Honestly, where were these cool-looking booster seats when my kids were little? I would have loved to use something like Svan's Lyft Booster Seat at our family dining table over some of the plastic, ugly-looking ones I used with my son Nate eight years ago. This modern booster seat has a sleek and urban design that fits right into your home and … [Read more...]

High chairs are not often known for their style. Plastic behemoths, too-loud colors and cheap materials abound. But then there is Svan. Their high chair has been one of my favorite pieces of baby gear since I initially discovered it with my first child. And now they've given it an upgrade to add even more features. The newly remodel, redesigned … [Read more...]

Man, sometimes I see the latest on the baby and toddler market and all I can think is, where were these awesome products when my oldest was young?  Because we certainly didn't have the option for anything nearly as cool as Munchkin's latest - the new Click Lock cups. Because kids spill, and because I'm sure you'd prefer to keep the juice in your … [Read more...]

Love your nursing pillow, but don't want to lug it around every time you leave the house (believe me, I've done that). Well, there's a better solution and it combines a nursing pillow AND a stylish diaper bag. Warm Milk's Baby Hobo Convertible Diaper Bag ($95) converts into a nursing pillow. Just take this awesome diaper bag (which we'll talk … [Read more...]

Hey pregnant Moms & Moms of newborns, here's a great giveaway from Citrus Lane:   The folks at Citrus Lane would like to give away one of their care packages. The winner can choose from any of these four existing boxes, Newborn, Month 1, Month 4, and Bedtime for Year 2. Check out the pictures and click the "See inside the box" link to see … [Read more...]

Recently I had an opportunity to attend a preview of Target's new grocery products, which included Giada De Laurentiis for Target Kitchen. Giada De Laurentiis did two cooking demos for us, using her food and culinary products. I am such a Target fan , plus I worked in production at the food network from 94 to 99 (3 years before she joined the … [Read more...]

It's no secret that I pretty much love anything that Tommee Tippee comes out with. This British brand just gets it and my 3 and 5 year old are big fans of the bibs, cups, bowls and other products they make.  A few weeks ago, we got a peek at their new breastpumps, one electric and one manual, plus their fantastic Chewthers Line for teething … [Read more...]

While my boys (7&4) will get some candy in their Easter baskets, I definitely make it my mission each year to keep the candy and junk food in there down to a minimum.  And I definitely remember going on a hunt when they were smaller to find fun alternatives to candy to put into the Easter Eggs.  (I wasn't up for giving my toddler jelly beans … [Read more...]

Despite making my own homemade baby food, Skylar just isn't into it yet. So I turned to Sprout Foods, co-founded by chef (and dad of 3) Tyler Florence. Our time at the Food Network overlapped a little, but we never met (I worked there in production from 1994- 1999). Now that Skylar is old enough to eat, we just had to sample some! So far, my … [Read more...]

Looking to make your own baby food -- look no further than the Beaba Babycook ($149). It's four-in-one-product - you can steam cook with it, blend with it, defrost, and reheat. It's got a 2 cup capacity and cooks super fast (less than 15 minutes for some foods). They've got a small recipe book included, but I wasn't as impressed with that. But I … [Read more...]