I'm so excited for this one!  Probably because I'm a closet gamer and love the old games they are featuring but how fun does the new Disney movie, Wreck It Ralph, look? This new trailer came out today, check it out! The movie comes out in theaters on November 2nd. … [Read more...]

For those of you with fans of the tv show Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, you'll be interested to hear that the entire first season was released end at the end of June. My boys are huge fans and we watched the entire first season (again!) on a recent 8-hour road trip. You can get the entire Lego Ninjago Season One for $14.96 with free … [Read more...]

We've loved the free summer movies offered by Regal Cinemas in previous years. Last year, Regal upped the summer offering to a $1 a movie. Totally understandable as there's a cost involved in showing early morning movies (staff, clean up, etc.) I see some people are still griping over the cost increase vs the free, but really people? You can't … [Read more...]

I remember liking the Pound Puppies as a kid so I was excited to show this one to my kids. It's a new group of Pound Puppies but the story is similar to the old one. This latest release, Pound Puppies - Homeward Bound, is $11.99 on Amazon and came out on March 6th. The DVD includes five tv-episodes of the tv show. It's cute and love that … [Read more...]

My boys LOVE Tom & Jerry.  It makes me laugh to watch them watching it too because I actually remember some of the specific cartoons from when I was a kid.  You have to love how the classic cat and mouse chase never gets old no matter what the year is. Still, it's kind of nice when I see that there is an occasional release for a new Tom … [Read more...]

Normally I wouldn't do a movie theater review, but my family and I went to see an early screening of Big Miracle over the weekend and I just had to throw a post up here on how amazing it was.  Nate (8) is now calling it one of his favorite movies of all time and my husband and I were both riveted during the film. The movie is based on a true … [Read more...]

This makes an awesome holiday gift for the Harry Potter fan on your holiday shopping list! Finally, after what feels like a lifetime of waiting, we can get all 8 Harry Potter movies on DVD in the Harry Potter 8-Film Collection!  Right now they are selling it on Amazon for $48.99 (50% off the retail value of $98.92!) Can't wait to get this for … [Read more...]

A big Disney DVD release and must-have under the tree this holiday season is Cars 2!  Favorites Lightning McQueen and Mater return in this fun sequel. My kids haven't seen it yet but we're excited to watch this latest installment where the characters go abroad in this fast-spaced James Bondesque movie. Get the Cars 2 DVD & Blu-Ray Combo … [Read more...]

AND THE WINNER IS....Congratulations to our lucky winner of the LeapFrog LeapPad giveaway - Marcia Campbell.  Thanks to all who entered and check back soon on Mommies With Style for additional holiday products from LeapFrog! More giveaways of new LeapFrog products coming soon! * CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED … [Read more...]

My boys love all of the "Buddies" movie series that involve all those cute golden retriever puppies.  Disney's latest Buddy release is Spooky Buddies ($19.99 for the Blu-Ray & DVD combo pack on Amazon) - which comes out just in time for Halloween.  Obviously this one has a haunted/spooky house twist but it's the typical cute, family fun movie … [Read more...]