For this week's Pinspiration, I'm bringing back an oldie but goodie.  I was perusing Pinterest last year and came across a cool way to organize all of your child's school papers.  It may not seem like much that first year or two of preschool, but add several years into the mix and all the memorabilia and art work you are saving will pile up.  I was … [Read more...]

No joke, I still have a massive bag of Halloween candy in our house.  It's been sitting on the top of our fridge for months and my kids probably only had a total of 5 candy pieces from each of their loot bags since they collected their candy. It's such a waste and I know most houses are the same way! I went on a search to find some non-candy … [Read more...]

This year, my first grader came home with something I hadn't heard of before.  We were given a family project - the Turkey in Disguise project.  We had a paper cut out turkey and were instructed we had to dress him up somehow so he doesn't look like a turkey and will presumably, with our creative success, escape his fate on Thanksgiving day. Of … [Read more...]

While I've tested out a lot of monthly subscription boxes and love the concept, I think this one from may be one of my favorites for the kids.  We received a sample box a couple of weeks ago from this education/science themed monthly subscription box company and my kids just loved the experiments. Since it was October, we got a … [Read more...]

Obviously it's a no brainer that as a Mom, I'm going to love anything that's both entertaining to my kids and educational.  Reeves Toys makes several products that fit the bill as one of these toys and they are great this time of year as we're all thinking back-to-school. For toddlers, they have things like this Scrambled Eggs Toy ($10), which … [Read more...]

So I just ordered two new lunchboxes for my kids. They both carry backpacks - Cole's backpack will be going on it's 3rd year and Nate got a new one last year so we're set there but every year I get them a new lunchbox. The lunchboxes always seem to take a beating no matter what the quality. Spilled yogurts, mashed up fruit, etc. I got … [Read more...]

It's just a couple of weeks 'til both of my boys head back to school.  I'll have one in 4th and one in 1st grade, which pretty much blows my mind since it goes so fast!  While preschool seems like only a minute ago, I also feel like I'm a seasoned Mom with back to school shopping but I wasn't always! I still remember attempting to go shopping … [Read more...]

For those of you not wanting your kids to have the same cookie-cutter back to school product that everyone else will have, check out How fun are some of these items: Chewing Gum Pencil Pouch, 12.95 Cow Pencil Sharpener, $14.85 Kids Desk Alarm Clock, $14.25 Rock, Paper, Scissors Pencils, $1.25 … [Read more...]

I'm all about labeling when it comes to my kids and school. I have gone so far as to label favorite pencils. (True story.) Stuff gets misplaced and lost so easily at school plus I just adore our Mabel's Labels that I have for my kids. Every year I get a pack with each of their full names so we'll be set for the year and I go nuts with labeling … [Read more...]

Last week, my youngest brought home a note informing us that 100 Days of Kindergarten was coming up later this month.  Wow!  It feels like just yesterday that I did this with his big brother. Because to celebrate, he needs to bring in a posterboard with 100 of "something" on it.  With my oldest, I thought we were soooo clever.  We cut a … [Read more...]