I was definitely the "with it" Mom when I pulled a pair of etnies out of the box last week to give to my 8 year old.  It was like this is what he's always been waiting for because I've never known him to get so excited about a pair of shoes. He has the Disney Kids Fader ($54.99) in blue and black and it has a tiny little Perry from Phineas … [Read more...]

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Click to visit the Share the Love Stride Rite page on Facebook and you'll receive a 20% off $50 and 25% off $75 or more coupon code for online and in-store at StrideRite.com! I could have used this coupon last week!  Cole and I were just in-store and he HAD TO HAVE these Darth Maul Stride Rite light up shoes.  I could not say no to his excited … [Read more...]

During our surprise snowstorm in October, I realized I needed to update a lot of snow accessories for my boys.  Both of them needed new boots, as they had grown out of their previous pairs over the summer. We received this pair of Totes Boys Boots from Sears for Nate recently and I'm impressed with both the quality and the price!  I sometimes … [Read more...]

Do you not just love these new Crocs Boys' Hover Sneakers ($39.99), new for Back to School this fall from Crocs?  I do and I know I'm so excited to have Nate wear these in the fall with a pair of jeans or khakis.  They are both stylish and comfy and most importantly, they passed the kid-approved test:  "Yeah Mom.  These are cool, I'll wear … [Read more...]

Photos won't do these totally awesome "comfier than sandals" shoes by Sanuk.  We're currently down at the beach and we're admittedly moving in slo-mo mode meaning everything's very casual and laid back.  When my brother in law came back from a trip to our favorite store for clothes (B&B Department Store) wearing a pair of these Sanuk shoes, I … [Read more...]

A box of New Balance Kids sneakers showed up on our doorstep the other day. They were in a size 1, the same size as my 7 year old son.  I can only assume the shoes came from Mom 2.0 Summit (thanks New Balance folks!) My son was so excited. It doesn't take much and apparently he was "really wanting a new pair of sneakers!"  He's also very … [Read more...]

Some of you may remember that I posted in April that I had received word that Vincent Shoes would be closing.  I'm still bummed about it as they were one of my favorite spots for getting children's shoes! As they continue to try and empty their shelves of all of their inventory, prices continue to drop.  Love these MONA winter boots for girls. … [Read more...]

Little's feet are small. So small, that it took many stores turning me away saying, "sorry, we don't make snow boots that small" to make me give up on letting her go out to play. So sad for Little. But last week on the way out of the mall, I popped into Stride Rite, asking them to measure her again. 4 1/2 made her big enough, finally, for a … [Read more...]

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