Looking for a gift for the creative kid in your life? Crayola has come up with a great new interactive gift box. Crayola Experience at Home – Holiday Passport Edition has three hours of exciting holiday crafts and souvenirs delivered right to your door. Crayola crayon characters take the kids on a journey around the world with videos … [Read more...]

Like everyone else, I binged the the Queen's Gambit on Netflix in just a few short days and absolutely loved it. I found myself thinking about the story for days after - I even tried to evoke a little Beth Harmon strategy in my tennis game for awhile after having watched.I remember my Dad teaching me how to play chess as a kid and I was thinking … [Read more...]

My kids were so excited to get the Carrera Go! Slot Cars set! We are still home all day for virtual school so we we are always looking for something interactive and fun that kids could play with together. This race track is just the thing to keep the kids engaged and playing during school breaks. Race head-to-head with this battery powered … [Read more...]

Every year, I try and bring a round up of gifts that really thrilled my kids that were under the tree. There's always one or two items I picked up last minute that I didn't think much of that ended up being totally successful and sometimes the toys I think will be the biggest hits are total flops. Here's a few that really stuck out this … [Read more...]

Got a kiddo on your holiday gift list who loves to bake? These sets from Real Cooking are perfect & fun starter sets for the intro chef! I like price of theReal Cooking Ultimate Baking Starter Set- it retails for $39.99 and is on sale on Amazon for $19.99! It comes with all the tools needed for making cute cupcakes including a kid-safe … [Read more...]

Looking for a dollhouse or house for a child who loves to build? We love this BRIO Family Home Playset for imaginative play and endless hours of fun. The house can be built into several different models and is made out of a mix of solid wooden pieces and plastic, making it easy for little hands to manipulate and build. Seems like a classic toy … [Read more...]

Sing-A-Ma-Ling's are an adorable toy for young kids made by Funrise. They jibber jabber and sing cute nursery rhymes at the squeeze of their hands or tummy. Their little O mouths open and close as they sing and they are just adorable. Get Sing-A-Ma-Lings on Amazon for around $12-$13 each. There are boy and girl Sing-A-Ma-Lings so you can get one … [Read more...]

Do your kiddos play Animal Jam? My guys used to play a few years back and then stopped. This spring, something reminded Cole of the game and he went back on and started playing again. If you're not familiar, Animal Jam is a multiplayer virtual world game by National Geographic. It's cute and fun for all ages but definitely seems to be popular … [Read more...]

This is it - the gift for that impossible to buy for person on your list:Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty. I friggin' love this stuff! It's an all-play toy meets office desk that's good for all ages. This isn't your ordinary putty - there are several different kinds and they all do something pretty amazing. For starters, they bounce like … [Read more...]

This review was written by guest writer Jen. I have distinct and fond memories of my Strawberry Shortcake doll from my childhood, especially the amazing strawberry smell! When I discovered that this same doll with the same yummy smell could still be purchased today, I was so super excited to get one for my 4 1/2 year old daughter! The classic … [Read more...]