"Mom, can I have a phone?". As parents of young children and tweens this question comes up a lot! It is difficult to decided when is the right time. We want them to have the safety features of a smart phone such a being able to communicate with us, locating where they are with GPS and feeling like they can have a bit of freedom with still being … [Read more...]

I've secretly wanted a Mermaid pillow for a long time (for me!), ever since I saw one at a friend's house. And I'm going to tell you guys right now - this is one of those reviews that won't do the product justice, because you can only understand how totally awesome these pillows are by feeling them. The back side of every Mermaid pillow has … [Read more...]

Have you guys heard of or seen Ivory Ella before? I had been seeing these cute tees around for awhile now but they were all over the beach last weekend over Memorial Day Weekend. I was curious enough to look them up online and see what this latest trend is about. Ivory Ella only sells online and they have an adorable product line of elephant … [Read more...]

Every year, I try and bring a round up of gifts that really thrilled my kids that were under the tree. There's always one or two items I picked up last minute that I didn't think much of that ended up being totally successful and sometimes the toys I think will be the biggest hits are total flops. Here's a few that really stuck out this … [Read more...]

Just about everyone has an Apple Macbook in college which makes it hard to keep track of your computer. I recently purchased some stickers off of redbubble.com to decorate my laptop. I love how you can search for whatever style of sticker...and there are tons of options! I picked some that resemble different parts of me so I can always locate my … [Read more...]

Typically, college dorm rooms are intimidating, small, and generic. This year, to help my space feel like home, I decorated every corner of my room with personal pictures, fun posters, mirrors, and a tapestry. A few of my favorite posters I have are from zazzle.com. Although this website is large, searching for specific items you want to … [Read more...]

We love this! Did you guys squeal like we did when this hit our inboxes? Athleta is one of our all time favorite stores to shop for so many reasons, so hearing that they've debuted a new line all for girls is just thrilling. Athleta has always been about empowerment and strong women with their clothes so we adore that they are venturing into … [Read more...]

Is it totally shameful that I kind of want one of these for me?  The Orbeez Body Spa ($49.99, Target.com) is an inflatable seat that you fill with Orbeez beads (6000 come with the product!)  They are soft and the chair vibrates while you sit in it - helloooo comfortable?  It runs on C battaries and the idea is that you don't use all 6000 beads … [Read more...]

Top-secret missions. Cool gadgets. Hidden identities. The appeal of the spy is hard for kids to resist. This holiday season you can get your spy-in-training the key gear with these cool gadgets from Spy Gear. Spike Mic Launcher Whether it’s what your older brother is saying on the phone or what mom and dad are talking about in the … [Read more...]

This Christmas seems more harried than any Christmas have had to date.  The entire month has been a race around the track to get to holiday parties, sports events, bake cookies and do what Moms do when Christmas is impending.  Relax is not in my vocabulary this month and my body started to feel it a few days ago. I first felt that twinge of … [Read more...]