It's Februaryand it's right around now that everyone starts slacking on their 2018 resolutions. WELL, DON'T! This year is all about YOU. If you start to slack on your goals, don't be afraid to pick it back up again. Everyone has their off days, trust me. But this year let's stay focused on a clear mind, body, and soul. I personally want to keep … [Read more...]

How cute is this dress I just picked up at Nordstrom? It's the Flare Cuffed Sleeve Dress and I loved the lace sleeves with the flair cuffs! And better yet, I love that it's only $64. Nice price point for a holiday dress? I wore it to acharity event a few weeks agobut this would definitely work in the navy or black for any holiday … [Read more...]

A couple of weeks ago, I had lunch with a good friend. She told me she was in the process of doing Beach Body's Ultimate Reset - a strict 21 day vegan clean eating program. She lost 10 pounds and looksgreat. I was inspired to check it out butI have bunch of travel coming up, plus holiday parties. There's no way I could find 21 days together to … [Read more...]

I have two weeks left before heading back to college which means it is time to go back to school shopping! Getting ready to go back to college is a lot different every year. Since I am going to be a junior I do not need the basic things like containers, pillows, and all that. So, today, I am sharing some smaller necessities on this years back to … [Read more...]

1. Establish your goal. Write down your fitness goal and stick to it! Whatever your goal may be (weight loss, toning, health, etc), make sure you remind yourself of it every day. This will encourage you to keep at it and not give up. 2. Make a plan. Schedule out your week with workouts and meal prep! This will make it easier and less of a … [Read more...]

I'm not a native Philadelphian. I've lived in the Philadelphia area for almost twenty years now (!) but there's some things I've still not experienced despite their iconic statuses when it comes to this area. For example, eating a cheesesteak from Pat's or Geno's. Nope, never done it. (I don't eat beef but still, I've also never been.) I have … [Read more...]

Have you guys heard of or seen Ivory Ella before? I had been seeing these cute tees around for awhile now but they were all over the beach last weekend over Memorial Day Weekend. I was curious enough to look them up online and see what this latest trend is about. Ivory Ella only sells online and they have an adorable product line of elephant … [Read more...]

Just when I think there couldn't be possibly any more rain in Philly... guess what, it rains some more! This entire week has been one big week of drenching, which I am hoping means we're getting it all out and will end up with a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend? We'll see. Anyhow. I got these Kamik Jennifer Rain Boots in the mail last month but … [Read more...]

So I'm shocked to see that it's been a year since I received my last Stitch Fix box. I've done a couple of Trunk Club boxes, which are owned by Nordstrom and definitely a little higher priced than Stitch Fix. I thought I'd see what Stitch Fix would put together for me for an early summer box. Here's what I got yesterday: Outfit #1: This … [Read more...]

So I joined Weight Watchers online a week and a half ago. I had a lot of success doing the program in my twenties and while it's definitely changed a lot since then, I'm finding myself motivated. I lost 3.4 lbs in my first week! So I feel like I'm off to a good start. It feels reasonable and seems like it will be easy to follow once I get a … [Read more...]