Over the past couple of months I have been really dedicated to my skincare routine. I have noticed a positive change in my skin and wanted to share with you guys! My skin tip is typically really hard to work with, but I find these products have helped blast away my issues! Naturally, I have VERY sensitive, dry skin. Even brands that claim to be … [Read more...]

Happy almost 4th of July all! I know I've been MIA lately; work and travel have kept me busy. Bringing you a little quickie today because I got the cutest little nail art done today on my fingernails for some 4th of July parties we have over the next 24 hours. I searched up some simple designs on Pinterest while they were doing my toes and … [Read more...]

My freckles are a part of me. There was a brief time I hated them when I was in middle school, but we hate just about everything in middle school, don't we? For the most part, I've embraced my freckle-face because it is what it is and frankly, I've felt like they make my face me for much of my life. But what I haven't embraced are the age spots … [Read more...]

Aloha from Hawaii! My family is now a week into our two week vacation on the Islands of Hawaii. Friends back home: don't be shocked if you never see me again because it's true paradise here and I'm not sure how I'm going to manage to board a plane again next week. I have a lot I want to share butI have to gather my thoughts and photos which will … [Read more...]

I know a lot of fiends are over the monthly subscription box service thing but I still just love them. We do a couple on and off include Bark Box and Geek Fuel and I have done several beauty/women's subscription box services over the years. There's something so fun about getting that little surprise box on your doorstep and not knowing what may be … [Read more...]

Run to your nearest Ulta - this is an awesome deal! My favorite Urban Decay Lipstick is currently on sale 50% off! I paid full price, of course. These are Urban Decay's Revolution Lipstick. It comes in Sheer, Revolution or Matte and is normally $22 but on sale for $11. My shade is Liar, which is currently available in the Sheer but I own it in … [Read more...]

Dark circles under my eyeshave been my biggest challenge on my face for as long as I can remember. Even as early as college, I remember having purple bags. Late nights of studying, partying and pulling all nighters at our school newspaper were not good to my skin or keeping a nice refreshed look around my eyes, that's for sure. I've tested a lot … [Read more...]

Neutrogena's got a nice new anti-aging product worth checking out. It's called Neutrogena's New Healthy Skin Anti-Aging Perfector and you can find it at various places, the link takes you to Drugstore.com where it's $14.49. It comes in 6 shades (Neutrogena was kind enough to send me five of them - pictured above): 10 Ivory to Fair 20 Fair to … [Read more...]

Looking for some top notch lip hydration without the color? We asked around and have 5 top picks for lip hydration: The lip slip by Sarah happ, Nordstrom(even better when used in conjunction with her lip scrub) Sugar Lip Treatment, Sephora - comes in colorless or pick a tint! With sun protection. Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy … [Read more...]

There's some make-up in my daily routine that just lasts and lasts. {Like my Nars Orgasm Stick, that product just keeps on ticking for months and is well worth the money!} Lipsticks are NOT lasting in my house. Mostly, I lose them. But also I wear them out a ton. Recently, I dropped one right after buying it and it broke. Buying lipsticks... … [Read more...]