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Live Like a Princess in a Castle on your Next Vacation w/HomeAway’s Castle Collection #HomeAwayCastle @HomeAway

Last month, I brought you guys a post about an awesome Castle giveaway with HomeAway. HomeAway is an online vacation rental website – they have properties all over the world that you can check out and rent on your various travels. I’ve always wanted to rent a villa… or something grander with HomeAway. Who knew …

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Amazing Photos & Video Taken with our New GoPro Hero4: This Thing is Awesome

It’s rare you’ll hear me admit, “okay, my husband was right,” so take note on this once-in-a-lifetime post! I am wholeheartedly admitting that buying this product was all my husband Jon’s idea. He has wanted a GoPro video camera for the family for years – ever since the very first one came out and he …

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