It's about this time of year that I start looking up new releases and top downloads on iTunes. Once summer hits, we're road-tripping and traveling-fools and I'm always looking for some download entertainment options for my kiddos. This summer we've have flights to Hawaii and back (from the east coast) so I'll definitely need some good movie … [Read more...]

We're all on-the-go and it's so hard to carve out that time to take for ourselves when our laundry list of chores is a mile long. But leave it to my 9 year old to find a nice way to help me (and him!) relax. Somewhere along the way, I had downloaded an app with some white noise that had some meditations mixed in. Cole loved it. We've become … [Read more...]

It's been hard to concentrate the last few days knowing that we're headed down to the sunshine and magic of Disney this week! We're headed south today and we're all excited: we all very desperately need a vacation. A couple of years ago, hubby decided that a February trip somewhere south was NECESSARY for the better mental health of everyone in … [Read more...]

I've got travel on the mind these days as I'm headed down to Orlando and Disney later this week. This Groupon deal hit my inbox and it seemed too good to be true - $5 for one and $8.99 for 2! I'm always hand-writing our name and address on those paper airplane luggage tags that often tear off, so I really don't know why I haven't gotten one of … [Read more...]

Since it's finally starting to feel like spring on the East coast, is it any wonder we want to start thinking about the summer and the beach? With a little taste of sunshine and fresh air over the weekend, we're dreaming of 80 degrees and sand between our toes! In honor of the summer dreaming we're doing, we came up with a list of some fun picks … [Read more...]

One of my first "popular" reviews here on Mommies with Style was for this toddler Aerobed Mattress For Kids. We had and used this Aerobed for almost a decade! It would honestly still be with us if friends popped it. It's made for kids and measures 50" by 25" and I remember liking that the sides were a tiny bit raised for when they were really small … [Read more...]

Last weekend, I went with 3 friends to The Lodge at Woodloch, an all-inclusive spa resort located in eastern Pennsylvania. It's about a three hour drive from Philadelphia and a two hour drive from Manhattan so the Lodge is an ideal spot for a quick weekend get away for us mid-Atlantic folks. We were there celebrating my bestie's 40th and had a … [Read more...]

This is officially the slowest week ever! I'm headed on Friday to the Lodge at Woodloch with some friends and I can. not. wait! While I have trouble focusing on work, I thought I'd tie in my weekend getaway to a post themed about a girls weekend - the weekend tote or getaway bag! Going away for a quick night or two and looking for something … [Read more...]

While I am NOT generally a fan of the cold weather or the snow, there is ONE and ONLY ONE redeeming thing about the wintertime in my opinion - Skiing! Somehow this cold weather girl is a fan. I married an avid skier so it's a good thing I am. And of course now my boys are very into it as well. We live in Pennsylvania. People are often … [Read more...]

From our house, it's just shy of two hours to drive down to Baltimore. My husband especially is familiar with the route; Under Armour (based in Baltimore) is one of his clients and he's there almost once a month. He's been talking about taking the kids to Baltimore for a weekend for ages but somehow it hasn't come together. Until recently, when … [Read more...]