How cute are these easy-to-make Christmas Cake Pops that a friend sent over to me? Check it out - fun to eat but also fun for decorations? Christmas/Holiday Marshmallow Pop Ingredients - 10 large marshmallows 10 Wilton candy sticks – get the thicker candy sticks, the thin one don't hold the weight of the marshmallow and … [Read more...]

Yesterday I told you about Mom Mixer in my post Event Planning: Exhausting! And Amazing! The Power of Social Media! #MomMixer.  You can read there all about the awesome difference everyone made by chipping in to helping for Hurricane Sandy relief. Today, I bring you fun pictures about the event and the brands that made the day so special.  And … [Read more...]

Last weekend, I had the chance to check out Remington's new Wrap to Waves Styler at Style School in New York City.  Love this new tool that makes it easy to turn your straight hair into a mane of fabulous curls. Designed to give you faster styling with the double barrel shape (you weave your hair in a figure eight style and can get a big lock … [Read more...]

Hi all, I would love for all you Twitter users to come join me during this afternoon Twitter party marathon with Lands End tomorrow!  My time is 4-5 pm ET and I'll be taking about that Morning Madness that we all experience during the school year as we try and get our kids ready and out the door!  My co-hosts are Colleen from @ClassyMommy, … [Read more...]

Do you have any summer skin-care related questions?  Wondering what product is right for you and your kids?   Will you be online tomorrow from 1-3 pm ET?  Tomorrow on Facebook, family lifestyle expert Amy Goodman will be chatting live on the Facebook fan page for Banana Boat.  She'll be there to interact with you and answer any questions you … [Read more...]