The holidays are a perfect time to bundle up and get cozy. Here are some great gift picks to keep the whole family warm this winter. Sunbeam LoftTec Heated Throw - A good throw is great to snuggle down with. Even better? A heated throw. Available in two neutral colors - a dark brown walnut and creamy seashell - the LoftTec Heated Throw offers … [Read more...]

CONTEST CLOSED - Congrats to DeNai who won our Vitamix giveaway! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What tools are to some guys, kitchen appliances are to me - and I imagine many of you can relate. There's something about a shiny new appliance in the kitchen that just … [Read more...]

Looking for some last minute gifts for the techies in your life? Check out these fun picks from Griffin Technology. iPhone case for the textile lover - designed by Sandy Chilewich, this iPhone 4 case combines a durable impact-resistant polycarbonate inner shell with a modern woven vinyl textile. Turn heads while keeping your tele … [Read more...]

I'm a big fan of Shutterfly's photo products, and they have a ton of great gift ideas for everyone on your list. FOR KIDS: Shutterfly's CenterStage books are liquid gold in terms of "wow" factor and easy as pie on your part. Choose from one of Shutterfly's 6 books featuring characters such as Dora, Diego and Sesame Street, upload a picture of … [Read more...]

My family recently got our first ever professional photos done. And while I don't know why it took us so long to do it, I'm thrilled that we finally did. The question now is: What to do with these awesome photos? The grandparents and great-grandparents are always fans of family photos, but I wanted to do something beyond just prints. Here are some … [Read more...]

Nate's been asking for just a regular Razor Scooter for ages.  For whatever reason, we haven't had a regular scooter in the house and he loves going over to his friend's house where he gets to ride on his Razor Scooter. So when my mother in law asked what Nate wanted, I mentioned this as a great birthday or Christmas present for him.  She gave … [Read more...]

Congratulations to our giveaway winners - Cari, Sonya and Tabitha! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I love the look on my kids' faces when they see something with wheels under the tree. Here are my picks for some great ride-on toys for every age - and 3 great giveaways … [Read more...]

What girl wouldn't love this ballerina doll from Corolle Dolls that's pictured here on the right?  This Corolle Les Cheries Fashion Doll is 13" tall and affordably priced at $25.69 with free shipping on Amazon!  (It's currently 43% off!) Compared to other dolls on the market, the price point makes these dolls really appealing to me. … [Read more...]

Earlier this month, I blogged about going holiday shopping at Staples.  I talked about how traditionally, I had only really thought of Staples as an office supply store.  It's really evolved into so much more. One of the product categories that they've become a superstore for is anything tech-related.  I was in my local store today and … [Read more...]

Don't get pulled into the thinking that the only good gifts are brand new. There are lots of great gift ideas that have been around for a while and guess what - they are still awesome. Take the Wii for example. Originally released in 2006, the Wii is still the worldwide leader in gaming console sales with new games being released throughout the … [Read more...]