Remember the movie Pay it Forward with Haley Joel Osment, Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey? Such an amazing concept - do something good for one person and ask them not to thank you but pay it forward to to someone else.  I thought of that movie when I heard about Wish Upon a Hero.  An amazing website where you can grant people small or big … [Read more...]

We love PBS Kids here.  WordGirl, Dinosaur Train and the latest: Wild Kratts are some of my kids favorite tv shows to watch. I thought this was a fun little image full of some great facts about PBS Kids and wanted to share it.  You can see more here too. … [Read more...]

Updated:  Congrats to Kristin H for winning the year subscription to Garden Party! My kids have been playing on a new virtual world site called GardenParty.  It's a cute little site where you customize a character, have a treehouse and a garden.  Users play games and interact (via a safe chat type mode) with other players while they grow … [Read more...]