It's been awhile since I did one of these What's In My Bag posts, so I thought I'd play along and bring it back today! In part, this is just an excuse to share a picture of the purse hubby bought me for Christmas. I am absolutely obsessed with it and people literally stop me in the grocery store to ask about it - it's so beautiful in person and … [Read more...]

Started off the New Year right with a second round of Whole30. Or at least I thought I was starting it off right, but in the spirit of full disclosure I have to admit: this Whole30 didn't go as well for me as it did the first time around last year. I didn't cheat but I didn't eat well. I didn't meal plan as well as I should have, and I … [Read more...]

This latest shipment from Trunk Club is the third box I've received from them. You can see what was in my first box (April 2016) here and my second box (Sept 2016) here. For those of you who aren't familiar, Trunk Club is an online personal shopping service. They're somehow associated with Nordstrom; at least all of the clothes I get from them … [Read more...]

Day 20 this morning and I've run out of steam a little bit. I did something I'm totally not supposed to do during this 30-Day Challenge, I stepped on the scale. According to Whole30 Rules, you aren't supposed to be looking at the scale for 30 days because it's not about your weight. It's about your food, how you feel and focusing on overall … [Read more...]

It's been hard to keep up with this blog the way I did for years in recent months; other social media jobs have me busy and definitely fulfilled so it's a good thing! But I promise I'm not going anywhere! While I may be posting less, I'm still here all and will always covet my little space here on the Internet. Look for more to come from my … [Read more...]

This is it - my official, "I'm doing the Whole30 again" post. I was too chicken to post when I started it last year because I was afraid I'd waiver and not stick through it but now that I've done it successfully once, I have much more confidence this time that I'll muddle through this go-around. If you're not familiar, Whole30 is a 30-day clean … [Read more...]

My first baby turned 13 a little over a week ago. It still boggles my mind that 1) I have a teenager (what the HECK?!) and 2) that times has gone so quickly. We haven't done an official birthday party in awhile but I wanted to do a little something for him to celebrate the fact that he was entering his teen years. 13's a hard age though. It's … [Read more...]

I've lost my mojo at my local gym a little bit. I've been going to the same gym for 11 years and while it's a wonderful gym with lots of group exercise classes and options, some things have changed with the schedule and my motivation has waned. Very recently, an Orangetheory Fitness opened up literally minutes from my house. I had seen friends … [Read more...]

Aloha, friends! My Facebook friends were probably relieved to see my check-in that I was flying home after I spent the last 15 days overloading my feed with sunshine and happiness from Hawaii. Now that I am home, I can say that it was truly the best vacation my family has ever had. Getting to Hawaii from the East Coast is no joke, y'all. It's a … [Read more...]

Virtual Runs are the best. I had never heard of one until a couple of years ago. It's basically you signing up and committing to a run - say a 5k, just like you would a race in your local town. Only the Virtual Race usually spans for a period of time and isn't at one particular event time. YOU pick the date, time and place you run. (You usually … [Read more...]