I love this product. Just love. Charity Charms makes totally gorgeous jewelry that serves a purpose – purchasing from them gives to one of many charities.
Here’s the deal: pick a bracelet or necklace and then add on charms. Each charm selected represents a specific charity. They have a list of charities and charity charms you can select from.
25% of each purchase price of jewelry and 75% of each charm purchase is given back to charity. And I just love that you can pick the charity that is close to your heart with this – view their entire list of charities (and charms) and I can’t imagine anyone not finding a charity they find important here. Many of the charities are local to Arizona and all have important places in the world.
They have all shapes and sizes of jewelry. Check out the Affirmation bracelet too, each ring has an different affirmation written on it. These are so Mommy-perfect: Peace, Courage, Strength, Passion, Harmony, Love & Balance.
Each piece comes in a signature box, wrapped in ribbon inside of a tulle bag. Dads, get one for your woman for Valentine’s Day – she’ll love it. Spend more than $150 and you get free shipping.

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