eurale.jpg Looking for a shower or new baby gift for the mom to be that pampers both the mom and the baby? Organically even? Then check out this adorably packaged Mommy and Me gift set from Eura Le. This little bundle of goodness matches up organic diapers, and an organic teething toy for the baby, with a pair of pretty crystal earrings for Mom.
The presentation is gorgeous and makes for a very thoughtful package that any new mom is sure to love. I just love the pairing of the crystal earrings with the earth friendly goodies – a little inspiration to tap into the earth mama within us all. The included diapers are from the Seventh Generation line of chlorine bleach free diapers, and the toy is by Under The Nile. The earrings are unique to Eura Le – check out their other jewelry designs on the site as the gift package can be tailored to your requests.
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